Late. Again. I know. But we’re just gonna forgive and forget.

As you’re all well aware, Ep.2 was released two days before it was supposed to air. While this put some pep in my step, it was a little concerning. Normally, releasing an episode beforehand is a red flag, at least for me. But taking into effect the deal with Sony and the release of HBO on the PS4, I’m sure it was just a wee bit of marketing/strategy on their part. What do I know about marketing/strategy? Fuck all, but that’s the common theme of this, right? So let’s jump into it then, shall we?

And so, the plot thickens…

“These violent delights have violent ends.” Not breaking any fuckin walls down here with this theory, but it would seem this is our safe word. As we saw, in Ep.1, Petey Abernathy transfers whatever fuck up is going on to Dolores through this saying, which Dolores transfers to Maeve early on. Now right off the bat we see that Dolores breaks character and wakes up in the middle of the night and strolls over to a barn. In the background, we here what seemed to be our favorite programmer, Bernie guiding Dolores throughout the process. This is seen yet again, as we see Dolores remembering the shootout/robbery, in all its grizzly glory. But I’m not all that convinced he’s the one sabotaging the park, more on that later.

As we move throughout the episode, we see Bernie bring Dolores offline and begin an off the books discussion as he goes fishing in a pond full of gators. Are we seeing the maestro behind the inevitable shitstorm that’s been brewing? Is this a Ford/Bernie combo with the reverys? Who the fuck knows, cuz I’ll tell ya one thing, I sure as shit don’t. It would seem both men are unaware of each other’s funny business, so we got that awkward encounter to look forward to.

To stay on the Dolores topic, we get a nice find by her of a rather important looking gun. Maybe this is a call back to one of her earlier memories. Maybe this is some kind of special gun, capable of hurting the guests. Either way, I expect shit to be poppin off.

We now move to our brilliant human characters, who I’m sure will make all sorts of smart choices through the long haul. Logan (Ben Barnes) and William (Jimmi Simpson) play the typical “scumbag vs. morally ambiguous” guests. Not a huge fan of Captain Douche, thought his acting was a little shaky, but again, what do I know? I thought he did do a great job bringing out how talented our boy Billy is. I think we all saw the foreshadowing there with each others hat choice. Not the most subtle way to do it, but a nice touch.

Our big question of the night, who the fuck is sabotaging the park? I got my money on the three most obvious contenders, Bernie, Ford, and Sizemore. As we discussed, we find out that Bernie is the man behind waking Dolores up and realizing that she’s a little bit different than the other hosts. I have a hunch he’s messing around with something, not too sure what yet, but he’s not our main culprit.His integrity seems well-checked and his loyalty to Ford seems resown.

Which brings us to our next contestant, Ford. He may be the most obvious choice here as he created the reverys, which are obviously causing some issues. Again, like Bernie, his heart is in the right place, especially as the founder of the park. I don’t see him sabotaging the company he made in order to prove a bigger point: building robots you can fuck and kill might be a bad thing.

Lastly, we got Sizemore. Might be our biggest candidate in terms of bad feelings toward the company. As we saw in Ep.1, he’s not the biggest fan of Ford and would have him ousted if he could. Ford and Sizemore have very different opinions on how the guests respond to the park. Sizemore thinking they just want to indulge their deepest most primal instincts, Ford leaning more towards the subtleties. However, Sizemore is a narrative guy. Might not have the proper skills to fuck about with the hosts. Still doesn’t mean he couldn’t hire someone out, probably a rival company, as Michael Crichton might have written about corporate espionage once or twice in his time.

The.Man.In.Black.Again. This guy just runs shit. I can see no wrong in him, he is everything I love in a character. It looks like we get a little more backstory on him that may add fuel to last week’s Vegas Picks. I still think he’s not just a guest, but not a host either. He’s just too fuckin nuts to only be a psychotic guest. Especially with hardo Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) droppin “That gentleman gets whatever he wants”. I got a hunch someone did something to him at everyone’s favorite theme park, and he’s trying to get back at them. Maybe Ford? Love it, gimme some more.Also, a great little mindfuck of him showing up in Maeve’s old memory. There’s something there for sure.

Speaking of, Maeve was superb. Knocked a dinger in her second at bat. Didn’t even need to watch it go over, she just knew. Fuckin. Thrilling. She stole the show, hands down, if they’re even up, just wonderful. Her old memory of the Native Americans (yes, we’re gonna keep it politically correct, to a degree) was awesome, regardless of the Man in Black making an appearance. Not

Some little things here before we wrap it up. Our boy Bernie getting it in with Theresa Cullen (Sidse Babett Knudsen)! Love seeing Bernie getting his due justice. Always a big up in my book. To go along with that, wasn’t too surprised the employees live there. Little depressing, but I guess that makes sense? Pretty sweet view for Bern-ing Man, Drake’s got nothin on our boy.

I’m saying this right now, that little British (?) boy has to be some kind of younger version of Ford. Guy seems like the type to pull that one. Pretty sweet scene that led to a huge question for the series, what the fuck is that steeple? I got my money on it being some kind of beacon for the hosts. They’re gonna start the fire that’ll lead to the downfall, no questions asked.

Also nice to see handsome Ted make an appearance. At first, it was nice to see his backstory expand a bit as he was talking to Maeve. I assumed we would see that Teddy isn’t the straight-shooter he’s been so far setup as. Definitely looking forward to seeing Teddy teaming up with the Man in Black, as the trailer’s have been previewing. And then of course, he had to get shot again. Guy can’t catch a fuckin break. Through him a bone here for Christ’s sake!

Here we go, TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks of the Week:

Teddy bones Dolores:20/80

William bones Dolores:40/60

Man in Black is not a guest:70/30

Teddy and Man in Black are related: 40/60

Native American host’s nose DID look like a penis:100/0


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