Another apropos title, especially for this humble man’s blog, as we see Fiona delve into a good bit of Shameless fun. In reference to Tinder, it looks like we’re on another one of Fionas’s train-wreck rides. As much as I love this show, some of the antics due get a bit tiresome. How many times are we gonna need to see Fiona have a wild sex streak, fall for a guy, who she inevitably finds out is a nutzo, break up with him, and do it all over again? My money is still on Chad from Management being her next victim, as he seems nice enough. Which probably means he’s either a.) a serial killer b.) spends his nights at biker bukkakes c.) a combination of a and b.

“You and that little spick you sneezed out of the cavern you call your uterus…” Literally top 10 funniest lines I’ve ever heard. For as much of a cocksucker Frank is, his ones liners are some of the best this show has to offer, which is saying alot. Speaking of Frank, that chick he brought home from the Alibi looked like a cracked out version of Dee from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You can always count on Frank snatching up the dirtiest broads at a bar. Watch your backs when your in Chicago, cuz Mr. Steal Yo Girl may be right around the corner.

Disclaimer: Fuck whoever you want, however you want. No judgement here.

But, is there a war between gay people and bisexual people? Like, is that a thing? Cuz it sure as shit seems like it. The parting moments between Ian and Caleb were palpable. All because Caleb is bi and Ian is gay and neither were willing to accept each other?! That seems like the blind mocking the deaf. Now this may be because of the whole Denise thing, which I’ll get to in a minute, but damn, (Rick James voice) that was, cold bloooddeedddd!

I may be a little thickheaded, but does anyone understand the Ian/Caleb debacle? For as rough as a person I may seem from this, I gotta say one of my highest standards is monogamy. Regardless of whether its a dude or a dame. Honestly, I may be a little bit more weirded out if I found out my significant other was boning another chick. I’d feel a bit turned on at first, not gonna lie, but more insecure than anything. I am convinced I made a girl turn into a lesbian. Doing that twice in one lifetime is two times too many.

On top of that, how does Ian do the deed with a girl? That has to be one of the hardest magician acts to pull of. I couldn’t even fathom going six to midnight with a dude, let alone getting up in there. How in the sweet fuck does a guy who has never had the idea of boning a chick, in his entire life, pull something like that off? My hat off to you sir, well done indeed.

It would seem I’m right again with one of our Vegas Picks, as young Carl has ripped his dick-tches. Completely fuckin nailed this one. Absolute no brainer. And this one actually had some logic put into. If you’ll indulge me and take a trip down memory lane for a moment. Blue Mountain State S.3 E.7 featured a situation quite similar to Carl’s. Sammy, in an epic battle between his penis, college coeds, and some stitches manages to tear his shaft open on multiple occasions. Not that Shameless would rip off a Spike show but, I see you there John Wells, I’m watching you very closely. Regardless, seeing a bunch of hairy balls pop up on screen is a super relatable tactic for any guy caught with a RAB: Random Ass Boner. On a real note, the doctor should of just told him to picture himself. He literally looked like a shriveled up ball sac.

As stated in S.7 E.1’s blog, I definitely see Lip turning into the new Frank. And like I said in S.7 E.1’s blog, if Frank goes, we riot people. It looks like our theory was proven a bit more, not so subtly by the lovely V (Shanola Hampton). Even though he’s refused a couple times in these past two episodes, my money is still on him going on an epic Frank bender before our halfway checkpoint. I did dig the new internship storyline though. Not a far off thought that he ends up getting a job much sooner than anticipated because of all the shady shit going on. Oh bam! Right there, finally figured it out. Okay, here we go: either Lip goes on a bender that rambles into the office after he gets the job, subsequently getting him fired or he goes on a bender after some fuckface at the office screws him over, in turn getting him fired. I swear, Showtime should just hire me.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks:

Fiona bones Chad from Management:70/30

Lip goes on a bender before E.6:60/40

Kev, V, and Svetlana’s business tanks before E.5:70/30

Mickey Milkovich makes an appearance:90/10

Chad from Management spends his nights at biker bukkakes:80/20




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