“You taste like her, probably the tooth rot…”

There has gotta be one writer dedicated solely to coming up with Frank’s dialogue. It is pure fucking gold every single time he speaks. And William H. Macy delivers it with perfection each and every time. I can’t picture anyone else tongue fucking someone’s face in a heroin induced haze while explaining how his skeleton was remade from “whiskey-soaked cotton candy”. What in the LITERAL fuck?! Keeping with Frank’s dialogue, his homeless speech was rousing. Scratch that, any speech he does is rousing. At the rate this countries going, I wouldn’t be surprised if people started posting “Frank Gallagher for President” signs on their lawns. I know I am.

Also, new Frank family is fantastic. Some strung out chick, a few homeless kids, and one of the most unflattering hooker(?) I’ve ever seen. Absolute perfection. Especially towards the end when the hooker(?) asks if Frank wants a blow job? She totally didn’t get the whole family dynamic there. Or maybe that’s just how she roles. It’s the Southside, anything goes, Daddy Frank.

Totally thought that the new homeless shelter was Sheila’s (Joan Cusack) house. Upon further research, it looks like the house is right next to the current Gallagher (not Gallagher?) residence, which I’m pretty sure makes it not Sheila’s house. Bummer. That woulda been a great segue for Sheila coming back. Also, stealing food from a real estate showing is genius and why has that not been shown more? Like, free food is usually a thing there, as shown in I Love You, Man with the sandwich/panini plate. Might be my weekend plans right there…

So last post I complained about Fiona, and the post before that I complained about Debbie. This week, Ian gets a turn. At first, I thought he was somehow gonna bone that crazy chick (Kailey) he picked up in the ambulance. It would have went along with the whole Caleb/Denise issue, maybe he would open up to being bisexual, maybe he woulda realized he is 1000% gay, either way, it would have made sense. Then we see that his soft side for mentally unstable people just blew up in his face as she tried to escape and got wrecked by a car. Not where I woulda gone with it, but still, it was a good scene.

Then the rest of the episode for Ian focuses on how he’s bipolar. It was annoying enough in Season 5 when he just hits the road with Monica (Chloe Webb) and dumps Mickey. Granted, this does seem like something someone with mental instability would do, but like with Fiona, how many times are you gonna beat a dead horse? You could have easily branched off into a different plot but going back and forth between Ian’s bipolar disorder and his plights as a gay guy are getting tiresome. I’m beginning to think that they’re only using his relationships as a way to highlight the bipolar disorder.

If you don’t think Carl’s storyline has been the best so far, you’re a fucking moron. Whenever he goes to visit that old ball sac of a doctor? Hilarious. Dom’s dad thinking he gave her gonorrhea? Hilarious. At first, I really thought Carl gave Dom gonorrhea. Like, not a very surprising assumption. But seeing Lip and Ian spell out how Dom got it from another dude, was great. I always forget how young and stupid Carl is, which make his whole storyline, kinda fucked up? I don’t know, its Shameless, so, I guess it’s really not THAT bad.

However, following a chick on a skateboard, in the Southside, at night? That must be a fuckin hoverboard cuz skateboards are some of the loudest modes of transportation. Especially in a sketchy area like that, I’d be looking over my shoulder constantly. The culmination of this was the best though, seeing Carl and Dom’s dad team up with a SWAT team to bust down a frat house? Loved it. Loved every second of it.

Some little tidbits for the road:

Svetlana’s (Isidora Goreshter) dad is fantastic. When they first introduced the idea of having V, Kev, and Svetlana having some kinda “modern family-esque relationship” I thought it was perfect. Kev is my favorite character, V is always gold, and Svetlana has slowly become one of the funniest characters on the show. Their dynamic has become one of the best storylines for Shameless. When they bring in her dad (Pasha Lychnikoff) that obviously raises some red flags for V, it’s great seeing Kev have no idea how to handle it. Plus, seeing Frank get tossed out of the Alibi after being an ass is great to see. And that dude is like, the go to scary Russian guy for every single movie/TV show.

Lip’s storyline, although subtly, has grown on me piece by piece. I like how we’re finally starting to see him mature. Seeing him hold back and not throw that bag of piss at someone was great, as I’ve always been a big fan of Lip throughout the entire series. Hopefully he can keep his cool and get a job with them. Like I said last week, I can see him getting his foot in the door considering all the shady shit that’s going on. Through either blackmail or just the twat playing the video game liking him, my money is on him getting hired. Speaking of which; who the fuck makes an external catheter so they can beat some kind of world record? If you’re that dedicated to beating such a fucking lame world record, you might as well just have a piss pot at your feet, or spray wherever you want. Completely illogical.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks:

Fiona bones Chad from Management:70/30

Lip goes on a bender before E.6:50/50

Ian loses his job before E.8:60/40

Sheila comes back before E.7:60/40

“New Fiona” gives Daddy Frank a BJ:90/10


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