The Maze. The Maze. The fucking Maze. What in sweet fuck is this goddamn Maze?! Every time we hear about the Maze, everything I ever thought to be true goes right out the window. It is the Joker to my Batman, a wrecking ball of chaos smashing down all semblance of logic. It has followed me around like the clap. I see it when I eat, sleep, and shit. I see it on traffic signs, in cloud formations, and even in my soup! That fucking Maze.

Whatever this fucking Maze is, it’s connected to a lot more people than we thought. Obviously after “Chestnut”, we knew Lawrence’s daughter was somehow connected to it. But seeing Bernie egg Dolores into finding it, this is gonna be some fuckin showdown folks. It’s all coming together. My biggest hunch is the steeple has something to do with the Maze. It’s far enough out of the way for it to be some hidden treasure. And it looks like some kinda homing beacon, calling for Dolores, especially since we’ve realized that she’s a special kinda gal.

Pour one out for everyone’s favorite stargazer, the Woodcutter, as his carvings were actually of some significance. It would seem that they weren’t just a way for him to navigate through the night and make an escape. Especially cuz our boy Bernie pointed out that Orion was carved incorrectly. Now this could easily just be a host not knowing that Orion actually has 3 stars instead of 4, but like anything in an HBO series, there’s always something more. It has to be some kinda map to get to the Maze, especially with this episode being such a Maze-heavy episode. Don’t think we’ve seen the last of our Paul Bunyan’s cousin.

I was talking to a co-worker today about how he should get back into Westworld after only watching the first two episodes, and you know what he said to me? And I quote “I wanna know what the fuck the Man In Black is up to!” And I raised my fist in the air, closed my eyes, shook my head, and replied, “Amen, brother. Amen.” This fucking guy just doesn’t quit. He killed it again.

Although this episode was mainly about the Maze, you really can’t talk about it without mentioning the Man In Black. His quest for the Maze became a little bit clearer, as we realized a bit more of his true intentions. It looks like he wants to set the hosts free and give them a conscious, like old Arnold did. Hmmm…. Now this may be a shot into left field, especially after I declared Bernie as our new Arnold, but I’m switch hitting today and looking to pull this one. The Man In Black has got to be Arnold, or is at least related in someway to Ford and Arnold. He mentions Arnold’s name as the one person who tried to free up the host’s minds and make them conscious. Also, Ashley Stubbs mentioned previously that the Man in Black “gets what he wants.” There is something fishy about all this and my tinhat isn’t too snug yet, but this shit ain’t over.

Unfortunately, another one of our theories also looks like it may have gotten busted. It would appear that the Man In Black is indeed a guest, or isn’t a host at least. Love how he slings no bullshit around, no matter who the fuck he’s talking to. He just wants to enjoy his vacation like everyone else. Granted he’s fucking whores and scalping people, so it’s not exactly Nantucket, but to each their own. Still, I’m convinced his involvement in Westworld is far more than just another guest. Stay woke folks, stay woke.

Very cool to see Hector back in action and his lady friend Armistice being an integral part to the Maze. Especially in a team up with the Man In Black. And almost extra especially with some exploding cigars. Straight up out of a James Bond movie with those fuckers. I really shouldn’t be surprised though considering they’re in a park full of robots that look and act insanely lifelike.

Loved how they wrapped around Teddy, Armistice, and the Man In Black with Wyatt. Still a lot of questions for our Devil-worshipping nutjob, but a great way to tie in 3 separate storylines. Question of the day: how does Armistice know about Wyatt? We saw Ford reprogram Teddy to have a meaningful backstory that included Wyatt, but we haven’t seen Armistice go back into the shop for some tinkering. And so we found our next piece to this goddamn Maze is Wyatt. This may raise some questions to Ford being more involved in actually revealing the Maze. Why would he purposefully have Teddy remember a host that is connected to the Maze and leave a host that still has knowledge of that same character out in the park? *thinking face emoji*

Some tidbits for the road

What the fuck is going on with Hector and Maeve? What the fuck was that? Why the fuck does Hector know so much about the outside world? Loved the scene between the two of them but it raises so many more fucking questions in a show that already has my head spinning. Fuck. Me. Sideways.

Absolute savage power move by Ford. Literally just shit in his hand and threw it right in Ms. Cullen’s face. One way to flex your wrinkly ass muscles is controlling 50 hosts to do exactly what you want them to do and then telling your terse operations leader to basically fuck off. Respectable.

Another big question of the night came from Captain Douche and our White Knight. Apparently this was not a vacation, at least not for Logan, and we have yet another subplot opening. Very cool, although my guess is as good as yours with this one. I can’t imagine these guys are connected to the Man In Black, as I’m sure he would have found them already. I wouldn’t be surprised if they worked for some kind of rival company, and Logan was trying to get some inside information somehow. Like I said before, Michael Crichton is known for writing about corporate espionage, so keep that one in the back of your heads.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Teddy bones Dolores:30/70

Man in Black is not a guest:70/30

The steeple is the entrance to the Maze:60/40

Logan works for a rival company:50/50

The Man in Black has never been to Nantucket:80/20


Big Red


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