I’ll be honest, this one was a bit of struggle…

Shameless is at a crossroads here. They’re running on their 7th season, with no foreseeable end drawing close, anytime soon. They’ve been killing the dramedy game for a long time now, and the strain is starting to show. To put it lightly, old habits die very hard with this show. This season has drastically shown their laundromat of material being dirtied, washed, dried, worn, repeated over and over and fucking over again. How many times do we have to see Fiona promise that she’s gonna make her life better and then fall right back into the same hole she crawled out of? How many times are we gonna see Lip work himself up only for him to do something stupid to fuck his life over again? How many times are we gonna see the same fucking shit? I know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but fucking-a people?

That being said, some of what Shameless has been doing has worked. I did like seeing Fiona stick to her guns this episode. Making Debbie’s life harder always gets my rocks off and although seeing our newly circumcised friend learn a lesson in finance is tough to watch, I’m glad she stuck to it. However, I can easily see Fiona going exactly back to square one and taking on the Mama Gallagher role. It’s happened time and time again. Right as she gets her shit back in order or has the chance to leave for something better, she gets dragged back into the pit.

And what perfect timing that she starts serving booze at the restaurant she owns, without a liquor license. Oh, and whats that? She’s making bank off it? Sounds like a perfect way for her to get sucked right back in. That Patsy’s Pies pints bullshit is definitely failing and is definitely getting her either arrested, or she finds someway out of it and it drags her back to square one. If you didn’t see that one coming folks, grab fucking Pampers.

One storyline that took an interesting turn was young Phillip. I wasn’t expecting the company to bite the bullet this soon, but I fucking nailed him finding out what the fuck was up with them. However, I didn’t see it revealing a lesson for him in the form of our favorite boozing Professor, Professor Youens. I really liked that spinzone and wouldn’t put it past Lip using his shady skills and his intelligence to actually start doing shit like that for a living. Real fuckin sneaky there Profesh, real fucking sneaky.

Folks, at this point, if you aren’t giving Carl the character of the season, you are a pack of wild animals. This guy has gone from getting a circumcision, to busting his girlfriend for cheating on him, to using said girlfriend’s dad to raid the frat house where she was cheating on him, to becoming best buds with said dad, and potentially joining military school. Bra-fucking-vo Carl Gallagher, bra-fucking-vo. I hope to Christ that they didn’t go hard and fast with Carl, just to give us a half-assed rest of the season.

This parts gonna get pretty heavy, cuz this was some bullshit and a half. Never, except for any scenes with Debbie, have I gotten this lit up from Shameless. What the fuck, was all this gender pronoun bullshit? Listen, if you’re a dude, you’re a dude. If you’re a girl, you’re a girl. If you’re a dude who turned into a girl, you’re a girl. And if you’re a girl who turned into a dude, you’re a dude. That’s about where I draw the line. When you start throwing in “they” and “them”, no, no, no, and fuckity fuck fuck no! And don’t even get me going with “zhee” and “zir”. Pretty soon, people are gonna be telling me they’re fucking tigers and leprechauns. Get the fuck out of my face with all that shit.

I’m totally aware with Shameless being very involved in some kind of political movements/undertones, by promoting gay relationships, interracial marriage, the deep pit that is poverty, and substance abuse, which I think is great. It’s totally awesome that they shine a light on all these issues, and like I’ve said before, being gay or bi or transgender or straight or whatever the fuck else is fine. But when you think I should be asking YOU if you identify as anything other than he or she, you can eat a bag of scolding hot dicks.

To go along with that, as I said in a previous blog, I think there might be a war between gays and everyone else who isn’t straight. It sure as shit seemed like it when Caleb told Ian he was bi, and at first, Ian was totally not having the transgender deal with Trevor. Obviously it seemed like he warmed up to Trevor, but still, seems like there might be something there. An underground struggle, of massive proportions. Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes open folks.

Some tidbits for the road

Seeing Kev dress up like a horse, full bridle and saddle, was top 10 Shameless moments right there. I don’t know if anything (that’s a joke) will beat that moment, but it is literally what Shameless is all about. A Russian woman punishes her wife and her husband(?) for assuming her father, who sold her into sexual slavery, by dressing them up as Seabiscuit and his jockey, is pure Shameless. If it’s not, I don’t know what the fuck is.

I hope I’m not alone in PRAYING that Jimmy/Steve comes back. At the rate this show is going, he may be the Daryl for Shameless. Whenever he pops that slick smile around and does something sweet, it restores my faith in a show that has rinse-repeated some of the same bullshit over and over again. I totally thought he was coming back at the end, as Fiona was outside Patsy’s Pies. That was a prime Steve/Jimmy moment, seeing him roll up in a slick tinted car, slowly rolling down the window, ending the episode with “Hey Fiona..” WHAM. BAM. ALAKA-FUCKING-ZAM! Nailed it.

Debbie sucks. Always has and moreso now than ever. You choose to have a fucking baby at that young of an age, you kinda have to expect that your older sister, who works at a now 24/7 restaurant, isn’t going to take care of your baby. That’s just plain stupidity right there, and Gallaghers aren’t stupid. Debbie has been a character that I have, in all honesty, been actively rooting against. In my eyes, if this show were to have an antagonist, it would be her. She sucks, major ass, please figure out something to do with her, or just make up some bullshit story of her dying. If Shameless  were to just explain one episode that she fell into a vat of bubbling cowshit and died, I would have no problem accepting that was her fate. Feel free to use that one Shameless, put it on my tab.

 TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Fiona bones Chad from Management:60/0

Lip goes on a bender before E.6:40/60

Jimmy/Steve comes back before the Season Finale:60/40

Fiona reverts back to taking care of everyone before E.8:60/40

“Zhee” as a pronoun is a massive joke created by the world elite:90/10


Old Milwaukee


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