I’m not even gonna say it because ya’ll already know I’m not one to gloat, poke fun, or brag about when I get something right…Fuck it. I fuckin told you so!!! I said from the beginning, this is a fucking Michael Crichton baby, through and through. There is gonna be some fuckin corporate espionage, you can bet your fuckin copper tooth, and what did we see this week folks?? What, in the sweet fuck did we see? I’ll tell ya, it was some coporate-fucking-espionage.

At first, I thought it was gonna be Felix (Leonardo Nam) working behind the scenes. It looked like from the beginning, he was definitely doing something he shouldn’t be doing, fuckin around with that bird. But it looks like Felix just hates cutting up robots and sewing them back together, somewhat understandable. As it turns out, the Woodcutter comes back with a vengeance. It looks like although he might not be an astronomer (astrologist?) he was using those carvings for navigation.

Now who’s pulling the strings behind this operation, that’s the million dollar question. Is it Captain Douche and our White Knight? It would seem that may be one of our better guesses, as we find that this indeed was more of a business trip for Logan and Billy boy. I’m not totally convinced their company is “buying” out Westworld, more likely stealing information via Woodcutter by day, Danny Ocean by night.

As for our two faithful human companions, lot of fuckin screentime for Logan and Billy, and I liked it. Great dynamic between the two of them, they play off each other well, especially now that Billy is starting to drift out of the white realm into the grey area. We finally get to see Billy sacking up and killing a few people, albeit it, they were unarmed Union soliders. Not too sure how that ranks up on everyone’s moral compass, but he’s starting to finally realize, you gotta do what you can to survive this place, especially in Pariah.

Big fan of the weird painted orgy scene and the culmination of Billy letting loose on Logan. Which, actually led to him leaving him for the Confederados. I’m sure that won’t come back to bite Billy in the ass, but still, love seeing him grabbing life by the balls. And don’t think we’re leaving out our damsel in distress, or can I not say that anymore? Cuz it looks like Pariah put some hair on everyone’s chest this episode, even Dolores’. Her saving Billy has just solidified her as probably the biggest threat to Westworld at the moment (we’ll get to Maeve in a bit). A rogue host that has now become somewhat sentient is not something to be trifled with, much like the Wu-Tang Clan.

One of the most confusing/interesting concepts of this show has been the enigma that is Arnold. With my streak going right now, I can guarantee that he is somehow still lingering around Westworld. Whether his mind is in a host, his mind is dispersed throughout some kind of internal network, or he’s physically alive, he’s certainly not dead. Now hearing Logan mention that Arnold killed himself like 30 fucking years ago still didn’t convince me of anything, but it still got my gears grinding.

One of my theories has been that Bernie is actually Arnold, with his mind transported into Bernie, who’s physical body is actually a host. Still like that theory, but another one I’ve had is that the Man in Black is actually Arnold. I think I can pretty much cross that fucker off the list, as it wouldn’t make any sense for Arnold to be looking for something he made himself, in a park he helped create. If that’s the case, the twat should have had the common sense to draw a fucking map. At this rate, it’s anybodies guess but I’m putting money on something going on with Bernie.

Although the Man in Black might not be Arnold, he still remains to be the best character on this stellar show, and Contrapasso was no exception. He continues to fascinate the fuck out of me on his personal quest to find the maze. Not quite sure what was going on with Little Ford there before Lawrence bit the bullet, but I’m sure he musta been some kinda messenger to Saggy Balls Ford. That musta been how Ford knew where to find the Man in Black, even though he can probably watch him like a hawk if he wanted to. Real Mafiaso move there Fordy, the King of Power Moves.

She wasn’t mentioned or scene all that much, but Maeve ended this show quite well. As I said before, Dolores may be the most powerful figure in Westworld, but Maeve has become a close second. As soon as Felix got that bird to start flying again, I thought she was gonna either kill him, the bird, or pull some shit like she did. What the fuck does this mean for the second half of Westworld? Your guess is as good as mine. But I think she starts to manipulate some shit on this side. While Dolores is out gunnin’ fools down, Maeve will be behind the scenes, muckin about. Very cool.

Some tidbits for the road

I always like the dynamic Lawrence and the Man in Black shared. They seemed like the perfect fucked up traveling companions. Sam and Frodo? No. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza? Get the fuck outta here. Bronn and Tyrion? Maybe. But this epic duo was prime from the beginning. It seemed a good fit for Lawrence to make such a worthy exit, by getting his throat slit and his blood used to keep Teddy alive. RIP Lawrence, until next time…

Which it would seem came quite soon! Loved seeing that his actual backstory is as this mythical gang leader in one of the coolest locations in Westworld so far. Pariah was, in four letters, dope. Especially with Lawrence running shit alongside a bunch of ex-Confederates who refuse to let the war end, only to turn on them and leave Logan, Billy, and Dolores to die. That will be a sick fucking dynamic there.

And don’t you think for a second that I forgot about Teddy teaming up with the Man in Black. Such a shame he can’t remember him, it would make it a thousand times better if he did and still sided with him. Can’t help but wonder what this Wyatt guy is all about. If he is connected to Teddy, Armistice and Hector, and the Maze, he better be something special.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Teddy bones Dolores:30/70

Billy bones Dolores:80/20

Maeve kills a WW employee before the season finale:60/40

Lawrence remembers the Man in Black before season finale:70/30

The Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin to Fuck Wit:100/0


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