This isn’t a declaration by any means, but I may be going towards Team Ezekiel at this point. Listen, I used to hate Carol. She was literally good for nothing in Season 1-3, maybe even 4. All she would do is bitch and moan about Rick, sometimes rightfully so, sometimes just to be that person. However, after she helped save the gang from Terminus, huge turn around. She is like the chick version of Daryl (don’t break out the riot gear yet folks) and has ended up being a superb character.

Same goes for Morgan. Ever since Rick met him in the S.1 E.1, I always wanted to see him come back. They explored some huge backstory with him last season and having him branch off to find himself with Carol in the post-apocalypse Dirty South has been a treat. Now, with the two finding the Kingdom and it’s King, we have ourselves a ball game.

As you know, I’m not quite at the point where the comics and show have met yet. I’m just wrapping up the Prison/Woodbury arc right now, so I have no knowledge of what Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and the Kingdom and Negan and the Saviors are like. That being said, I was a little apprehensive about him at first. You know what, I’ll be blunt: I was fuckin disappointed. He seemed like a fuckin nutjob or a dude who was either way too interested in himself, or was too much of a goody two shoes. And anyone in The Walking Dead disillusioned with being THAT nice is fucked in my book.

However, I warmed up to him real quick. He is a very different leader from Rick, Negan, and Gregory (fuck that guy) so it was a nice change of pace. He seems like a good dude and has a powerful force behind him. His people believe in him and seem to rally behind him, as he acts fair and isn’t too quick to judge. He seems intelligent and strong but willing to listen. Unlike Rick, who is sometimes a little too aggressive or Gregory who is just a babyback bitch, Ezekiel might be my choice for post-apocalyptic leader.

Especially after seeing him call out Carol AND himself. Didn’t really see that one coming to be honest. That right there was the moment that I was a believer. Seeing him tell the story of Shiva, how he got into power, and how he’s kept his people in the dark about Negan, it all just made so much sense. I’m not all that into feeding people shit and keeping them in the dark, but in a world that’s that fucked up, sometimes its a necessary evil. It’s not like he’s the Governor, hiding how bonkers he is or Rick, making choices that put his group into danger. He seems to keep the people’s safety at the forefront of his decision making.

That being said, this episode shows a little bit more of how powerful Negan is. Even the King himself has to pay a tithe (ya like that shit?) to Negan. But I’m of the mindset that Negan isn’t cocky enough to twirl his cock in Ezekiel’s direction, considering, ya know, he has a fucking tiger. The only reason I see Ezekiel supplying Negan is he doesn’t have the manpower, or he doesn’t want to risk hurting his people. Either way, both good signs of a true leader.

As for Morgan and Carol, there was some room for improvement but overall it was an interesting storyline. I’m glad Morgan realized he can’t force Carol to stay with him or bring her back. It was a nice nod back to his Season 6 storyline, as she needs to find her own way. I coulda sworn his prodigy Ben (Logan Miller) was gonna eat it this episode, but he lives to fight (or not?) another day.

I was a little confused with Carol at first, just because I didn’t realize that house was still considered a part of the Kingdom. But it looks like she’s sticking around for now, and testing out what the Kingdom has to offer. She’s kinda like that dude from the Thor movies, fuckin Heimdall, that guy who guards Asgard. Only she doesn’t stand on a rainbow bridge.

Some tidbits for the road

I can’t help but notice that the Kingdom looks almost identical to Woodbury. Same piecemeal wall. Same massive bus. Same quiet town vibe. Just waiting on a dude who keeps his zombified daughter chained up and about 30 floating heads in fish tanks as his TV for the night. If this is some kinda budget cut deal I get it, but what the fuck guys? This is just bush-fucking-league at its heart and soul. However, it is a nice comparison to Alexandria. The Kingdom actually looks like a town where Alexandria is just a bunch of fuckin houses thrown together. Speaking of which…

Where the fuck is there, like 20 horses, just lying around? Last I remember, this is still Georgia. Are there a shit ton of horses, wild or domesticated, roaming around? This fuckin place puts Hershel’s farm to shame. I gotta imagine this is where Lil’ Sebastian ended up, cue the music…

Okay, there have been a lot of great characters on this show and there still are. Rick, Daryl, Hershel, Negan, and now King Ezekiel himself. But lest you forget, the most jovial steward in all the land, motherfuckin Jerry! This fuckin guy came outta nowhere and literally made me smile everytime he was on screen. He looks like Kublai Khan’s younger brother, his younger, jolly Saint Nick brother. He chucked up a deuce, where’s a red robe thing, all while carrying around a massive battle axe, with a smile. Keep it up Jerry, keep doin you.

So wasn’t too sure why Ezekiel’s crew split up after first rounding up the pigs, but it seemed a little shady to me. My thoughts are he likes to keep some of his better fighters separated from the Kingdom, just in case Negan does decide to attack. He’ll at least have somber Richard (Karl Makinen) handy. Who by the way, doesn’t seem like is lasting much longer. He’s biting the bullet whether they produce the produce (heh) or not. Sorry bud. Speaking of our favorite pig wrangler, are those pigs poisoned? It seems like anything eating walker meat would probably cause some kinda digestive issues, at the very least. Is Richard/Ezekiel poisoning the Negan and the Saviors? It looked like people didn’t really care that the pigs were eating walkers, so that might not be the case. But still, not a bad bit of sabotage there Richard.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Daryl dies in the Season Finale:70/30

Rick gets his hand cut off at the Midseason Finale:60/40

Shiva takes someone out before the Midseason Finale:30/70

Carol dies in the Midseason Finale:60/40

Jerry starts his own community of Santa’s:70/30


Shere Khan


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