It’s sad that Carl has become the forefront of his show. So far, he has had one of the most entertaining storylines of the season. It’s been fucking hilarious, has shown character growth in Carl, and provided us a reason to actually root for him. His previous storylines with Little Hank, the drug dealing, and the general shit he used to pull was growing old, fast. It’s nice to see Shameless finally put him into an interesting role like this, considering the way this poor excuse of a season has been going.

At first, I was a little upset to see Carl not getting into military school. Not because he didn’t get in, but because I knew it was the end of one of his and Shameless’ best storylines. It was one of the only things keeping me watching. However, they turned something that I initially was strongly opposed to, into something fuckin magical. Having Carl still work with Dom’s dad has been fuckin amazing, disregarding the fact that he was trying to prove he was black, to cheat the system.

I would have lost it if Carl ended up being related to Dom. It was a long shot, but hey, this isn’t a show who’s afraid to shy away from a little incest. And just when I thought we were done with Carl for the rest of the season fuckin wham-bam-shazam! We find out he’s Native American and Dom’s dad is Irish. A huge fuckin role reversal there. And so the ball keeps rolling. Their relationship has been on-par with V, Svetlana, and Kev’s relationship, as in it’s fucking amazing. I sure hope they keep it up.

I have repeatedly bashed Debbie on this blog and rightfully so. She sucks. She’s boring. She’s annoying. She has every bad quality of the rest of her family and none of the good. Like I said before, if she was killed of inexplicably, I could give zero fucks. Not. A. One. Especially seeing her turn into a homeless person in order to stay in the house, which was obviously gonna backfire. Cuz like everything Frank suggests, it goes to shit.

Once we saw Derek’s (Luca Oriel) sister show up, I thought he might have been making a comeback. Instead, it served as a way for Debbie to get into a mess of trouble. And justice has been fucking served! Although I roll my eyes at these story arcs (Fiona getting arrested/going to rehab), you gotta make lemonade out of shit-covered lemons. Maybe Franny/Harry get’s yanked, hopefully not, but either way, shit finally got real with Debbie.

Especially now that the brilliance that is Neil (Zack Pearlman) hath arrived. This is what I’ve been waiting for. This is what dreams are made of. Neil is the saving grace that will save this goddamn forsaken shit-of-a-show, from the pitfall it’s created. This beautiful paraplegic ginger will make us laugh, make us cry, and sure as shit, cross politically incorrect boundaries. Love you Neil.

Frank’s homeless shelter idea has succeeded…and in the same breath, just doomed itself. Way to jump the gun there Shameless, no need to flex so soon. Although he has the backing of a billionaire and a small army of homeless people for his income, his greed, like always will be his downfall. We saw his exchange with New Lip go sour, and I’m sure the more he takes, the more he’ll lose his faithful followers. Still, he remains to be everyone’s favorite derelict, and I love it.

Finally, Lip’s story is starting to get some steam. As probably the character I can relate to the most, Lip’s story has always been super interesting to me. And after his meeting with the Profesh himself, it looked like it was either gonna end there or start to get a little more interesting. Actually, interesting may have been a bit light. Bringing back Joaquin (Jose Julian) was a nice touch, and seeing them actually break in and start stealing information from Lip’s douchey company, was great. Some modern day Robin Hood’s right there. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up biting him in the ass.

Some tidbits for the road

Fuckin stop with the pronoun shit. Fuckin, just stop. I don’t give a shit about transgender, bisexual, or homosexual topics on the show, cuz it is a real issue and a hot button topic. But fucking cut it out with the pronoun shit. For real.

Don’t think I missed the Jimm/Steve name drop. This isn’t Game of Thrones, so you don’t have to stay that woke, but people, come on. He’s coming back. At this point, if he doesn’t I would be fucking shocked. Fiona has no love interest instead of the Tinder financial planner and Chad from accounting has turned into a dick. Jimmy/Steve is back. Just wait.

Although Kev, V, and Svetlana’s storyline has been a bit dry, their characters remain to be super entertaining. It looks like their respective arc is all set up but Svetlana’s dad remains. Here’s hoping he sticks around for awhile. Also, Quote of the Episode: “Wait…so he has a vagina or he’s being a pussy?”

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Jimmy/Steve comes back before the Season Finale:80/20

Lip goes on a bender before E.6:20/80

New Debbie is Frank’s downfall:90/10

Debbie loses Franny/Harry:60/40

Neil secretly isn’t brain damaged and is just a savage:80/20


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