I’ll be honest, this one had me split.

Again, I get that you can’t give all the screentime to one character or on the other end, fit every character into one episode, but excluding Billy, Logan, and Dolores from this episode is questionable. Especially after last weeks cliffhanger, I was expecting a bit more there. That’s not to say that this wasn’t a great episode and there needed to be other plots explored, but come on.

That being said though, woah.

With our big revelation last week that someone’s been selling secrets to another company (which, ahem, I was spot on with) we got to see some more detail. Which may or may not have been at Elsie’s (Shannon Woodward) expense. My money is she’s making it back considering this is HBO and like Game of Thrones don’t write some one off until you literally see them die. And boy oh boy did they throw me for a fuckin loop.

Theresa Cullen, you dirty, dirty, bitch. How could you? First you give our boy Bernie a big kick to the nuts, but spitting on him while he’s down? Shame on you. Honestly, that would have been one of my last guesses, and I shoulda known it would be someone like this. Well done writers, I applaud you on this one. I can easily see Sizemore being forced to work with Cullen, just cuz he looks like a guy that’s easily blackmailed. I pegged him at first for being the sandbaggin son of a bitch to be the blackmailer, not the blackmailee. But at this rate with him getting white-girl wasted and whipping his willy out, I can see him getting pawned right into something.

Especially now with the new employee Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) making her entrance. Really thought she might have been some kinda secret agent trying to take advantage of Sizemore. Turns out she wasn’t. But hold the fucking phone, cuz we got a double whammy here. With Cullen being the one leaking out information, it would appear that Hale may technically be some kinda secret agent. I wouldn’t put it past Cullen and it would actually make sense for her to hire someone outside the company to start running shit. Stay woke on this broad people.

This was a real heavy Maeve episode, which are always treats. But actually, was it a real heavy Maeve episode? While she grabbed a whole lotta screentime and can act her tits off, she was used more as a pawn to show the viewers some of the “behind the scenes” of Westworld. Which was pretty fuckin cool to be honest. Sure, we see some of the same shit in the opening credits and saw some shit here and there but we really got a good deep look into what the fucks going on. At least technically speaking.

Very cool to see Maeve grabbing Lutz and Sylvester (Ptolemy Slocum) by the balls and really give them a hard twist. Not sure if it’s a compliment really to Maeve or an insult to Lutz and Sylvester. Honestly, just fuckin get rid of that host. Which actually leads into one of my biggest questions for the show: are there multiple models of “Maeve” or “Dolores” running around? Or is there just one bot, that’s cycled around. I gotta imagine that there’s more than one bot. So just axe that particular “Maeve” and you’re golden. On the other hand tho, if that is the case, are her memories carried across each model? Like could there be six Maeve’s lined up with all the same memories? Hmmmm…

Lastly, we get some more Man in Black and Teddy which is always fuckin awesome. Especially since Teddy decided to take his flaccid knob out of his own ass, and use it for something worthwhile. That’s the fuckin Teddy I like to see! Full on fuckin beast mode, just mowing people down. Gave the Man in Black a run for his money (wait, nope, sometimes I say silly things) and we see them that much closer to Wyatt. I can really see Teddy not being a nice dude after all and just switches into morally ambiguous mode. I can’t see him going full darkside, but sometimes you just hit that age when you need a touch of grey. Nice plug for you guys there, you’re welcome.

Some tidbits for the road

So it looks like Ford may be a bit more out of it then we were led to believe. This guy has his old family living up in Westworld, created by his deceased (yeah right) partner, down to his alcoholic father and apparently his young dog-murdering self. What the fuck Ford? Get a grip. I can actually see him using this as some sort of cover up for something a bit more nefarious. Elsie mentions that there’s 5 hosts that were being used to transmit data out, supposedly to other companies. With the Woodcutter (RIP) being one, by my astute math skills, that leaves 4 left. And it just so happens that there were 4 members of Ford’s family, dog excluded. Second stay woke of the episode, you heard it hear first.

As for the Maze, nothing really new here. We kinda figured from the Man in Black’s talk with Armistice and Hector, that the Maze will allow the hosts to break the cycle of dying and becoming “born again”. Nice to see it’s actually a full on part of Westworld, that can be found as long as you ask the right questions to the right hosts. I have to wonder, is Ford looking for the Man in Black to find the Maze? And if so, why? This place seems like it would unravel Westworld’s whole world. Then again, why the fuck would you make your entire family from when you were a child, and have your younger self beat a dog with a rock? Hmm…

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Teddy bones Dolores:20/80

Billy bones Dolores:80/20

Ford dies before the season finale:70/30

Sizemore joins Theresa’s team:60/40

Series finale is Teddy and the Man in Black holding hands, walking into the sunset:70/30


Splash Mountain


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