So in my past few blogs I’ve shit on shows for not featuring enough of their main cast. I did it to Westworld a few times and when they do it, it’s a more than justified feeling. Excluding someone like Dolores or the Man in Black is a fuckin mindblowing idea but you know what, sometimes that’s just what happens.

Well this time, no. Today I have to applaud The Walking Dead. Especially considering there might be a new character cuckolding the coveted “Big D” crown. That’s right, my man Dwight might be Mr. Steal Yo Girl, which is so fuckin ironic. See look at that, I may very well be a multi-faceted man.

Enough dickin around though, this was pretty good. It was pretty good as in, it could have been better, but it was still pretty good. At first, I thought Dwight was gonna be someone like Martinez from the Governor’s crew: not really that much of a character, kinda just there to do his bidding, nothing really to him. A little fucked up, but lo and behold Greg Nicotero proved me wrong.

Lot of love going towards Dwight. I fuckin hated the fat doctor chick from last season, real glad she got a bolt to the back of the head. So kudos to him on that one. Totally forgot that him and his wife were trying to escape from Negan last season and ended up stealing Daryl’s bike and crossbow. Which it looks like didn’t work out to well, as we found out Negan put a curling iron to his face and took his wife for his own. Poor Dwight.

Now all this only matters because I thought Dwight was gonna be a real prick to Daryl, Daryl ends up escaping, Daryl beats Dwight’s ass, justice is served. Oh TDR, how woefully mistaken you are. Considering how Daryl and Dwight are very similar characters, and not just cuz they both act/look like literal trailer trash, I see some kind of alliance forming here. I can easily see Daryl faking he joins Negan’s crew, befriending Dwight, and either stabbing him in the back or helping him escape Negan and Dwight/Daryl dying in the process.

Speaking of the O.G. Big D, Daryl had a healthy amount of screentime and I was diggin that shit for sure. And I really can’t say I’m sure his allegiance to Rick will last. Not because he’s a cocksucker and he’ll switch teams based on his circumstances. Because if we know anything about Dearest Daryl, he’s a man of principles. But I can easily see him trying to con Negan, saving Rick or another unkillable character, and sacrificing himself to Negan. Although I’m still on the bandwagon of rioting if Daryl dies, this would be the ONLY circumstance in which I would at least look the other way. Sacrificing himself like his brother Meryl did would be the only appropriate way for him to go out. Riding high, rocking out with his cock out, and mowing down a bunch of crazy pricks like he’s John Fucking Deere himself.

That being said, when Daryl almost escaped I almost had a heart attack. That would have ruined the entire season for me. The Walking Dead has a track record of letting people escape to early as well as stick around places for too long (see Carol and Maggie escape the Saviors and the whole Prison seasons bullshit). Had Daryl escaped, that would have also destroyed my theory of him sacrificing himself to save Rick or Michonne or quite possibly Carol.

Some tidbits for the road

Because Dwight was so heavily involved this season, where the fuck is his crew from? I was told by someone before I got back into The Walking Dead that there were some other off branch crews, (I’m talking bigger than some no names and smaller than the Hilltop) that played a part in the war with Rick and Negan. I assumed this was Dwight’s situation. That their leader was someone who we would come to know like Ezekiel or Gregory or even like Jesus’ status. I think this one might not be answered considering Big D just axed his friend from said colony, but ya never know.

Did anyone else think that “Easy Street” song was just a dub over at first? Really thought that was just the audience hearing that shit and not Daryl. Very effective torture device there, but if they bring that shit up more than twice next episode, fuck that. No way am I enduring anymore than some background noise of that shit.

Where the fuck are the Wolves? We see them once, they fuck shit up pretty big, one of them sticks around for a bit to save the fat doctor who eventually gets killed by Dwight, and then fuckin NOTHING. Again, someone mentioned that these are one of those smaller factions that play some kinda role. If this is all we’re seeing of the Wolves for the rest of the series, I got a bone to pick with the show runners. Let’s see some more.

I have a feeling Negan isn’t really Negan’s name. The whole “everyone is Negan, therefore I am everyone” is some weak-ass bullshit. I don’t want to be associated with some Jonah Hill looking motherfucker, who has sausage links for fingers. The Only TDR is the name of this fucking blog for a reason, there’s only one of me. Take a page outta my book Negan, get it right and get it fucking tight.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Daryl dies in the Season Finale:70/30

Rick gets his hand cut off at the Midseason Finale:60/40

Daryl and Dwight team up:50/50

Daryl saves Rick, Michonne, or Carol in the Season Finale:60/40

This wasn’t the first time Daryl ate a dogfood sandwich:70/30


Rock’N Roll Rollercoaster


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