I said last week that Shameless had two saving graces this season: Carl and Neil. Frank doesn’t really count as he is one of the only constants in this clusterfuck of a show. Carl has stepped it up big time, I’m talking Tommy Tissues replacing Drew Bledsoe stepping it up. Give this fucker a medal.

However, it looks like our Charles Manson prodigy might be taking a break for awhile. And boy, I can’t wait to see more of our boy Neil! This guy is the definition of electric. He breaks up an otherwise repetitive and boring conversation with Fiona and Debbie with “Your ass is great. It makes up for your lack of tits” or something along those lines. He’s the hero we need, not the hero we deserve. I am Team Neil.

As much as I shit on Debbie, this week I can’t. She did pull a Debbie move by getting engaged to Neil, but there’s a silver lining: more Neil. More Neil is A++. Neil. Neil. Neil. That’s what I’m seeing here. Although, Debbie did make a valid point about Neil. He may be one of the only people that fits in her life and she fits in his. He can never lie, doesn’t have many options with women, and has a good chunk of change. Not a bad situation for an up and coming leech of society.

The show writers must have decided that this episode was where everyone’s fucking story was getting axed or wrapping up. Carl’s in military school, Frank’s homeless shelter crusade ended, Debbie finds a solution for her money problems, Ian bones that tranny, and Lip’s internship ends. However, as one door closes another opens, and for Lip this may be a great thing. Committing wire fraud against a bunch of douchey pseudonerds was very satisfying, but where do we go from here? With his meeting with Professor Youens, it seemed like Lip would be taking his criminal/brilliant skills to the tippy top of corporate fraud. But where to go from here?

With his company being permanently shut down (from his doing or not) we are at a bit of a stand still here. Does Young Phillip take his skills on a Robin Hood-esque quest and steal from the rich to feed the Southside? Does he fall back into the trap of taking care of the rest of the Gallaghers? Or does he finally fall for a chick that ends up taking advantage of him, and her plan actually works?

Speaking of which, the Lip/Sierra dynamic was very confusing this week. I thought that she actually wanted to marry Lip and for him to be her kids dad, which is very apprapo of Lip’s type. And then it looked like HE was actually in the wrong and apologized. Considering that this show has sucked fat cock lately, I had no interest in rewatching to see the actual answer. Either way, I don’t like this story. It’s been used with Karen, Mandy, and Crazy Asian Girl already over a span of SEVEN FUCKING SEASONS! This Sierra chick is probably gonna end up being nutzo just like everyone else, which may be the cause of his ultimate bender. So in this case, yes Shameless, please pull the same beaten, bruised, and battered fucking rabbit out of the hat just so I can be right, a-fucking-gain.

Same old bullshit with Fiona. Probably gonna have this real-estate gig blow up in her face. Taking advantage of a senile old woman is classic Shameless so this seemingly harmless move will spell the end for Fiona. Her two interesting moments were because of Neil Tesla and Lip. What do we have going on with Lip and Fiona? I agree with Lip here, putting up the house was a cunty move, especially with 5 other people staying there. Not cool there. Interested to see where this goes.

Again, let it be known that I have predicted many a happenings on this blog. I may be the next Baba Vanga, as Frank’s greediness bit him in the ass, again. I thought it was gonna be New Debbie, but New Lip actually made a bit more sense. Great storyline there, generally any thing where Frank motivates a group of people to do shit is both strangely motivational and hilarious. I’d be curious if Frank just goes back to destroying his old home or if he opens up to a whole new world. History tells me that he just goes back to tormenting his family, as this show continues to keep the same goddamn formula. Fingers crossed they come up with something new.

Some tidbits for the road

So Carl finally makes it into military school! Its been a bumpy fuckin road, but he finally made it. It only took his girlfriend cheating on him, her father befriending him over their mutual disdain for her, trying to prove he was black, realizing he’s actually Native American, and making it in! When we saw Dom come back and almost ruin Carl’s shot I rolled my eyes. Classic Shameless move to rollback ALL the work a character’s done to better themselves only to throw them back into the another shitloop.

At the same time, it’s a little tough to see this story wrap up. As one of the best stories thus far this season, hopefully the show can keep it up. Plus, this looks like we might not be seeing a whole lot of Carl for the latter half of the season. Maybe some brief clips if anything but I think we may have seen the last of our circumcised friend for awhile. God bless Carl, you crazy son of a bitch.

Perhaps Kev, V, and Svetlana will be featured a bit more now that Carl’s gone. They have been severely underutilized as trio this season and have provided some of the best laughs with Svetlana’s dad. Ahem, sorry, husband. That was a weird dynamic, albeit a very funny one, but weird nonetheless. Truly didn’t think that Svetlana would be boning her dad/husband but this is Shameless after all, so it should be expected. However, the spin move was having her dad be her crazy husband, which was a solid move there. Lotta potential in this one. That being said, the rape joke might have been a bit much, even for this show.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Jimmy/Steve comes back before the Season Finale:80/20

Debby loses Franny/Harry:30/70

Svetlana kills her Russian husband:70/30

Fiona’s deal with cat lady bites her in the ass:50/50

Carl ends up becoming Police Chief of Chicago:70/30


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