What. Just. Happened.

I’ll tell ya what just happened, TDR was right, yet again! Seriously, doubting any of my Vegas Picks are a death sentence. Aside from removing 2 Vegas Picks last week, I have been crushing it in the predictions department. Oh ye of little faith, look no further, for the savior is here. My word and enormous brain will take thee to the promised land, for I walk with the swag of 100 Men in Black. Seriously, it’s spooky.

I am of course referencing our boybot (trademark?) Bernie. I said this from the beginning, there was something off with Bernie. Not like the Man in Black, who I’m still convinced might be a host/not a guest, but he was always a little too strange. Of course, in retrospect we coulda seen it a little earlier (Cullen dropping snarky comments about his lack of emotion, only seeing his wife once through Skype, being the closest employee to Ford, etc) the list goes on. That being said, it was still a shocker.

At first, I thought Cullen had gotten the drop on Bernie. After their meeting last week and their meeting this week, I for sure thought Bernie might be getting the axe. Cullen looked like she knew something was off about Bernie, and my hunch was she knew he knew something was amiss. Turns out, Cullen was “backing up” info in case Ford tanked the company. Still not too sure that’s the case, as Elsie getting kidnapped was surely Cullen/Hale’s doing. Plus, as I’ve said over and over again, this is based off of Michael Crichton’s work, there is 100% going to be corporate espionage. Keep this one on the burner.

Depending on if you’re a moron or not, I’d say Hale and Cullen’s discussion today proved that a power team between them wasn’t going to happen (among other things). My assumption was Hale and Cullen, considering their collective dislike for Ford, would be firing him or taking him out behind the shed. However, it looks like neither one of them liked the other, so I might have seen Cullen switching it up and helping out Bernie, which ultimately would be helping Ford.

Pandora’s Box has been fucking unleashed.

However, this shit all goes out the window, cuz Cullen and Hale were playing checkers while Ford was playing chess. Stay fucking woke. Obviously you could tell something was up when Bernie popped up in the creepy log cabin of yester-year but as soon as he couldn’t see the door leading to the basement, wham-o! Bernie is a fucking host. Honestly, I attribute alot of this speculation to It Follows, which I was watching earlier yesterday. So people seeing things that other people couldn’t see was stuck in my mind as a huge indication of shits about to go down.

To top it all off, we have our first big kill of the season. I can’t say I was amped to see Cullen go, as this is a bittersweet death. She turned out to be a very grey character, where I certainly pegged her for a straight-up against Ford person. However, after he run-in with Hale this episode, I’m not sure what was going on. Then again, she did try and fire Bernie, so she can eat a bag of dicks.

Where do we go from here? Does Ford wipe Bernie’s memory? Has Ford been controlling Bernie into talking to Dolores? Is Ford guiding the Man in Black/Dolores to the Maze for a reason?  Someone just came into our house, drank our milkshake and dried their muddy boots on our couch, what the fuck do we do now?

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak.

Does this mean no more Pennyfeather? With still arguably the best name on Westworld, I’m assuming she ended up like Walter and Abernathy, and she’ll be living the rest of her life down in the basement. However, this begs the question; did Ford plan this? I’m not sure if Bernie talking to Dolores has been Ford’s doing, but if so, you have to imagine that Pennyfeather might have just been a distraction for Hale and QA. But with Maeve attempting an escape, is she going to try and rescue her? Hmmm…

I have yet to see any changes in Maeve’s intelligence, at least nothing of note. Last week we ended with what would appear to be something to the effect of Limitless’ brain pill. Yet to see anything on this, hopefully we get some insight as Maeve tries to make a run for it. Speaking of which, what do we have for odds on this being a success? My thoughts are although she’s wicked smart, she won’t be making it out of Westworld and she’s gonna get deactivated. A sad thought, if she were to escape, where do we go from there? Just seeing Maeve living a normal life with cars, refrigerators, and electricity will be daunting enough, let alone this is supposedly set far down the road in the future.

Oh the times, they are ah-changing.

Billy is like a fine wine, he continues to get better with time. And as Lawrence so astutely pointed out, he’s changing, in my genius opinion, for the better. Grey characters continue to pop-up all over the place and are what really make shows like this amazing. Think about Game of Thrones; everyone loves Jon Snow and Khaleesi, they’re our white knights. But to an extent, you could argue people love Tyrion, the Hound, and Varys. These are characters who have done some horrible things but we question, is it really that bad? Billy is turning into one of these characters as he killed a buncha dudes and now boned Dolores. Hopefully, we see him continue to evolve.

Some tidbits for the road

Okay, so what the fucks the deal with boning the hosts as an employee? Can Hale just do it because she’s associated with the infamous Board? Because to my recollection, the pervy necrophiliac dude got blackmailed by Elsie for boning a host. Also, Maeves’ called out Sylvester for giving her looks so where’s the rulings on this? Or are we in a Pirates of the Caribbean and the “rules” are more like “guidelines”?

Aside from Bernie being a host and in the long run this not actually mattering, but Ford man, what the fuck? How can you leave your boy out to dry like that? I get this was your long con and you stepping in to take the punishment for Bernie makes absolutely no sense, but dude? No emotion whatsoever for your right-hand man getting fired? New Nickname of the Week: No-Chill Ford. You’re better than that.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Teddy bones Dolores:10/90

Maeve gets deactivated in Season 1:70/30

Ford doesn’t know Bernie is talking to other hosts:60/40

Sizemore joins Hale’s team:60/40

Ford and Bernie have had…relations:80/20


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