Flat Soda

I’ve had little to complain about this season. Granted, it’s only 4 episodes in, but so far, it’s been interesting. Negan has dropped trou, we’ve been introduced to Ezekiel and the Kingdom, and Rick and the Gang seem in complete disarray. With all that’s going on, this can make for an exciting season. But it looks like The Walking Dead has decided, like Shameless, to revert back to it’s old tricks. I get it, not everyone is going to permanently change in dire situations let alone the zombie apocalypse. But the crew finding a good spot, meeting a new enemy, moping around trying to figure out how to beat said enemy, and eventually overcoming their odds gets a bit stale.

This was a classic filler episode. While the past three episodes were an introduction to our new characters and settings, this 4th episode was straight filler. No need to focus solely on Negan, again, for an ENTIRE episode about how fucked up of a dude he is. We get it, he turned Abraham’s skull into jello and popped Glenn’s eye out like a Jack-In-The-Box just to prove a point. You can’t go from something that electric to him stealing mattresses, guns, and threatening to kill the inventory clerk? Not after killing off two rather important characters.

That’s not to say Negan bores me. Negan is what kept this episode from fuckin tanking. Any lesser villain and I would have cut this shit halfway through the episode. That’s how rough it was getting. But Negan continues to be the best pure villain I’ve seen in awhile. However, as I’ve discussed before, I wish there was more to him. People have told me that Negan is one foul mouthed and fucked up dude in the comics, a man who could write for TDR anytime. If he were on HBO or Showtime, I’d argue he’d be far better. But AMC being on regular TV, he has some limitations. A sore subject that I guess I’ll have to let go.

Man-card Revoked

I don’t know if the zombie apocalypse destroyed all the Nirvana CD’s in the world, but keep that shit away from Carl. That guy has hormones coursing through his veins and it’s gonna get someone beaten to a pulp. This shit is for real my man, this ain’t the Hunters or Terminus crew, this is Negan and the fucking Saviors. Sack up, swallow your pride, and let them take a bowl of fruit or some shit. You literally just saw this guy beat the shit out of two people to prove a point, get it together.

That being said, double standards are a thing and Rick deserves to get his man-card taken. Sure, be the smart one, don’t get anyone killed, do what Negan says, and everything’s all good. But there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. I believe the quote was: “I just slipped my dick down your throat and you thanked me.” 1. Absolute savage line, and I’ll be honest, I literally laughed out loud on that one. That’s the Negan I want to see. 2. That is totally what happened there. And I’m not big on metaphors, but Rick carrying around Lucille, looked/felt like he was holding Negan’s dick for him. Very subtle there.

To go along with that, not quite sure what the deal with Michonne was. My thoughts were her just reverting back to her loner days and maybe hinting at her taking off. But with her relationship with Rick, Carl, and the Gang, I can’t see her doing that. Not after everything she’s built.

The Holt Trinity

With all that Negan took from Alexandria and the lack of manpower Rick has, you gotta expect a meet up between Rick, Ezekiel, and Gregory/Jesus soon. Quick side note, really hope Gregory is killed and Jesus becomes the leader. That dude has some luscious hair and as a huge fan of silky smooth locks, he has savior written all over him. That being said, it looks like it may take quite a bit for everyone to get on the same page. At the rate this show is going with focusing on each small group an episode, I gotta imagine the Midseason Finale being the meeting of the minds. If they could stretch The Governor over 3 seasons, I 100% see Negan lasting quite a long time.

Some tidbits for the road

Eugene is a grade A bitch. Seriously man, get it together. I get it, he’s not supposed to be brave or a fighter but figure it out. Seeing him on the verge of crying every fucking scene is ridiculous. After everything that’s happened you’d think he’d have some almonds between his legs and not just a huge gash. Either get him back in it or use him as cannon fodder. This one leg in one leg out bullshit ain’t working.

Going along with Eugene, and this one isn’t really new either, but Spencer has turned into a shitbird too. I don’t see Rick outright killing him, but I really do hope something happens where Spencer isn’t around for awhile. His lovers quarrel with Rosita was nice, but he just comes off as a whiny bitch. I’d trade Eugene and Spencer for one last night with Bob (RIP).

Really just a disappointing ending here, especially after a rather dull episode. I was hoping there’d be some big reveal or meet up or something, but Rosita and Eugene ending the episode was bullshit. Rosita’s quest to find Daryl’s bike, which I thought Dwight had all along, that led to her finding a single gun, real riveting stuff here. Unless that gun she finds leads to Spencer or Eugene getting killed, it was all for naught.

So Father Gabriel was extra weird, right? Or was that just me? I thought his whole “God will save us” schtick was over and he became a realist. Especially after last season when he proved himself to Rick. Either this is a huge con and Father Gabriel has some tricks in that collar of his or this show has taken another step backwards.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Daryl dies in the Season Finale:70/30

Rick gets his hand cut off at the Midseason Finale:50/50

Rosita’s gun gets someone killed:30/70

Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Hilltop team up before Midseason Finale:30/70

Rick’s man-card is indefinitely revoked:80/20


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