Shirts v. Skins

What are we thinking? If Maeve somehow gets out of Westworld, where does her storyline pick-up from there? You’ve got two very different settings with the park and the massive building that seems like its own world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a happy ending, but this isn’t one of those shows. Do you expect me to believe a robot who has never seen a car or an airplane to seamlessly transition into the real world? Get the fuck outta my face with that bullshit. She’d be a futuristic Frankenstein’s monster. See, even TDR is a learned man.

That being said, this “army” she’s trying to muster has peaked my interest. There’s gotta be some familiar faces, and she can’t be just taking hosts being used in the park. Hence, the death of old Clementine. A worthy candidate if I’ve ever seen one, especially if she already has been bugged with something that can cause her to attack humans. Whether that bug was wiped after she was decommissioned, I guess that would make sense. But with Maeve crankin up her intelligence so she’s wicked smaht, I don’t see why she couldn’t do the same for Clementine.

We’ve already seen some of this talent on our creepy host technician. Really thought that guy wasn’t coming back. I just can’t read this show sometimes. After killing off Cullen and Elsie (for now) I woulda totally expected Sylvester to be expendable. Honestly, he may get his just desserts as Maeve tries her great escape, but I’d venture that someone a little bit more important takes her out.

I do love that whole Jedi Mind Trick shit she pulled in Sweetwater. I could get into all sorts of trouble with that. And like Uncle Ben said, “with great power there comes great responsibilities.” All that Icarus type shit. I guess that’s what happens when you bump your intelligence all the way up. Which may lead to some of her soldiers. Who said the park still had to be in operation for her to get out?

Old Friends and New Foes

Still loving this story, as it involves two bonafide studs. And you had to see some type of intricate and depressing backstory coming from the Man in Black. Which actually tied together how Maeve knows him and explains his quest for the Maze. But it does raise some fuckin doozies. Is he looking for just a mercy killing? After being so (Rick James voice) cold-bloooodddeeddd, I would assume he really has nothing left to live for. His wife killed herself, his daughter hates him, and he barely recognizes the man he’s become. Perhaps he’s just looking for someone like Teddy or Dolores to recognize what he’s done to them and have them kill him.

Which coincides with Teddy beginning to remember somewhat of who the Man in Black is and what he’s done.Specifically the beginning episode where he was getting a little handsy with Dolores. Now again, I’m all about happy endings, but this show doesn’t look like it’s headed in that direction. I can see Teddy going full ape-shit, siding with Wyatt again, and wreaking havoc on the rest of Westworld. Like I said, grey characters everyone, grey characters. And it’s not like Teddy is the only character with the right to take down the Man in Black. Dolores and Maeve could both do the deed themselves but with their deep involvement in other plots, Teddy makes the most sense to take him out.

Speaking of Wyatt, this guy has peaked my interest here. I can’t imagine he’s just some nobody who’s getting stomped out at the end of the season. He seems like he’s stickin around for a good long time. Now I won’t go full nutzo and say he’s someone like Arnold (even though he defintely is) but his involvement in the Maze and Teddy, Armistice, Hector, and the Man in Black’s past has to indicate he’s a big fuckin deal.

Insane in the Membrane

Last week we proposed that Ford didn’t know that Bernie was talking to Dolores. Especially with so many people proposing the idea that Bernie could actually be Arnold. However, with Bernie being revealed as a host, I don’t quite see that happening. And now that Bernie’s mind has been wiped, does that mean he forgets everything leading up to killing Cullen as well? I have to imagine it’s like the Neurolizer fromĀ Men in Black, that shit just is a hard reset.

Also, it looks like Ford knew about Elsie finding out about Cullen, sending Bernie to kill Elsie at the remote site. Put those tinfoil hats on kids, cuz we’re about to get a little weird. So Ford has had to have been pulling the strings since creating Bernie. It seems like Arnold was dead before Bernie was implemented, so I think it’s fair to say Bernie hasn’t been tainted by Arnold. Considering Bernie was leading Cullen to her doom, does that mean Ford also had Bernie kill Elsie? Elsie wasn’t working with Cullen since she found out it was Cullen exporting information outside Delos. Bernie being Ford’s main man and the glimpse we saw of him choking out Elsie, Ford has to have killed Elsie? Did he do it so she wouldn’t interrupt his plan to have Cullen killed off anyway? Hmmm…

Now with Cullen gone, Hale needed a new lackey. And it looks like our chosen child is everyone’s favorite prick, Sizemore. The idea of exporting a host tho? I may have been too hungover to realize what this is leading up to, but is Hale turning her back on Delos? Not quite on to that one yet, but is this just a ploy to oust Ford? I guess I can see them blaming a rogue host getting out of the park on Ford but if he saw right through Cullen/Hale’s plan, how the fuck do you think he’s not gonna catch this one?

Some tidbits for the road

Good ole Stubbs. The black sheep of the Hemsworth family caught some much needed screentime, finally. And it looks like he’s on to Bernie. What good can come of that? Hale/Sizemore/Stubbs team up? Stubbs seems like a “by the books” type of guy so I don’t see him joining Ford. Which also puts a hole in the Hale/Sizemore/Stubbs theory too. If he’s not willing to look past any of the shit that each teams done, he’s not making it out. Poor guy never had a chance.

Don’t you think for a second that I forgot about Dolores and Billy. Way back when, we thought that the steeple might have been an entrance to the Maze. Seeing that its gotta be a part of Ford’s new narrative, that might not be it. However, they’re close. Very close. You gotta assume that the Maze isn’t gonna be introduced this season. I think it would be a little too early for them to show their hand on that one. And what better way then for Logan and his new backwood incestuos friends to kidnap Dolores and Billy. Who are now the second closest to the Maze behind Teddy and the Man in Black. It’s gonna come down to the fuckin wire on this one.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Teddy bones Dolores:10/90

Sizemore joins Hale’s team:70/30

Maeve escapes Westworld:40/60

Lawrence saves Billy and Dolores:60/40

Wyatt is Arnold:50/50


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