A Mindfuck and a Half

This one really turned my brain inside out. For real. After a heavy weekend of eating and boozing, my mind was not nearly in the right frame to contend with this week’s doozy of an episode. Now, going into this one, I obviously had to take a peek at what all the tinfoil hat experts were saying, and goddamnit, they were pretty spot on. And I’m talking about there being multiple time frames here, so I’m not even sure if what half I’m saying makes any sense, but lets give it the old college try.

The biggest piece of evidence here lies in our fateful love story between Billy and Dolores. After escaping from Logan, it would appear Dolores begins to trip major balls yet again as we see her stumble upon the same town she’s been dreaming of. As we see her walk through the town, her clothes begin to change, as does her surroundings including a bunch of sketchy hosts in a church. The very same church, or at least steeple, that Ford’s project is centered around, Teddy became Teddy Two Hammers (more on that later) at, and presumably the ever elusive Maze’s location.

Fast-forward a bit and we find out that Bernie actually isn’t Bernie, and his name is Arnold. Yes, that Arnold. Like we fuckin called! I’ll tell ya what, at the rate we’re going, we could start throwing these predictions into the real Las Vegas and make some cash money. Let’s get the gravy train rollin! Not a huge surprise as we’re a buncha brainiacs but a very cool reveal nonetheless. However, a key piece to pick out here is that Dolores is in her blue gown, not her cowboy getup when she’s talking to Arnold. Meaning she must either be going through a memory malfunction or we’re seeing her in two different time frames. Or her memory malfunction is just showing us two different time frames.

That Boy’s Cheese Slid off his Cracker

After Dolores leaves, Logan shows Billy a photo of his soon to be wife. A photo, that if you eagle eyed viewers remember from episode 1, was the very same photo that Peter Abernathy found in the sand. If there were two different storylines, this could possibly mean that Billy and the Man in Black are the same exact person. It would explain the photo, how the Man in Black knows so much about Dolores, and why he has such a key interest in finding out how to make the hosts sentient. What I used to think was a huge stretch, albeit an overused and tiring stretch, is actually turning out to be a fuckin sick theory.

But many of you may be wondering “TDR, the Man in Black can’t be Billy. Billy is too nice. The Man in Black is a (Rick James voice) cold-bloooddeedddd killer.” Well not so fast there, cuz it looks like our boy Billy knows his way around a corpse or 50. That was quite the sight to see, especially after such a heartfelt reunion between Logan and him. I really thought that their storyline might have been over at that point as Dolores made it to the Maze and it could be that their purpose was to get her there and show that this really is just a theme park. But lo-and-behold, that was most certainly not the case. Him single-handedly dispatching a fuck ton of hosts shows that he actually may just be a younger version of the Man in Black. And boy oh boy wouldn’t that be a treat!

Especially now that we see the Man in Black is a member of the Delos board. That was a sneaky little throw-in right there, almost missed that guy. This would explain Ford being fine with the Man in Black’s quest for the Maze and his ability to cause so much havoc in the park uninterrupted.

Bern-baby Bern

This was a rough one for our old fella here. Not only do we see the name Bernie die off, we also see him literally die off. Or do we…Regardless, the pain we see him go through when he realizes his son was a load of bullshit and Ford coldly putting that sad backstories provide a better sense of reality, was pretty tough to watch. Add in how he realizes he’s killed Elsie (?) and Cullen, was actually a real person, and his “bulletproof” plan has backfired, the poor guy hit an all time low.

Love that he turned out to be Arnold though. Not only because we were right all along, but because it adds more weight to Arnold. Introducing an entirely new face to this cast of misfits would have still been a great reveal, especially if it had something to do with Wyatt, but Bernie just made so much sense.

Some tidbits for the road

And so an army begins to take place. Great to see Hector getting into the mix. I was starting to doubt the second best dressed guy on the show. But when you start to become sentient and literally go out in a blaze of fucking glory, that adds some weight. Also, considering Bernie/Arnold getting killed off, can we see Maeve stumbling upon his shell and recruiting him? With his knowledge of how the hosts work and his now deep hatred for Ford, that’s a man I wouldn’t wanna fuck with.

We can’t save all the grief for Bernie, Teddy got hit with a swift kick to the dick here too. Again, this blog is about taking risks so here’s a bold prediction. Teddy and Wyatt are the same person. We haven’t seen any sign of Wyatt so far aside from his cronies and in Teddy’s real flashback of him slaughtering that town, there was visual of who we are assuming Wyatt is. This may be a shot in the dark but I can definitely see something nutzo like that happening. Not sure how/when that’ll happen considering Teddy was just killed which resets his storyline (?) so it might have to wait a bit but we might be on to something.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Teddy bones Dolores:10/90

Sizemore joins Hale’s team:70/30

Teddy and Wyatt are the same person:60/40

Billy and the Man in Black are the same person:70/30

Billy’s real name is Billy-Lee Tuttle:90/10


Watermelon Blow-Pop


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