Nooks and Fannies

Can you really get mad at a Russian prostitute having a titty van stolen for insurance money, just to steal it back for you? I gotta say, that may be true love right there. That also may have been the wildest opener I’ve come up with, so lets just keep this gravy train rollin! After a great first half for Kev, V, and Svetlana, we are finally starting to see some strain on their throuples relationship. Again, can you really get mad at her for honestly doing something that benefits everyone? I guess you can when you’re not in on the plan. Totally understandable, because FOMO is a real thing folks. Believe it.

I don’t necessarily agree with Kev spazzing on V, not sure that was the right person to get angry with, but the poor guy is just trying to vent his frustration. He is literally the definition of a gentle giant, unless you’re Greek and live across the street. You honestly might get lit on fire. Is there cause for some concern in the Ball household? For arson, I don’t think so, but I’d keep my eye on a certain Eastern European with large breasts.

All Roads Lead to the Alibi

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Lip is one character on this mess of a show that I love watching/can tolerate when he makes stupid fucking decisions. And this week was a rough one for him. Not only do we see him lose the case for him getting expunged, we see him dive right back into the bottom of a bottle, Kendrick Lamar style. Although this whole mess is entirely his fault, he’s one of those characters like Ian or Carl, who you genuinely root to get out of the ghetto.

Super heartfelt speech by Ian on Lip’s behalf. Great brother right there. I guess that’s honestly all you can really ask for when you live your life in squalor. Family really is everything for these people and seeing Ian stick up for his brother, that was pretty fuckin rad. Yeah, we’re bringing rad back. Poor Profesh Youens though. Yikes. I’m starting to think that Alan Rosenberg might actually be sick in real life. Like he looks more and more like a dried up piece of shit each time he comes on the show. Thoughts and prayers to him though, always a treat to see him come on. Great dynamic with Lip.

Although for all the misery, I have to say we nailed it again. We called Lip going on a bender, albeit a little prematurely. But TheOnlyTDR is like horseshoes and hand grenades, almost always counts.

The Devil Incarnate

Debbie can eat a fat piece. There, I’m glad we got that out of the way. Not like its been said before or anything…It was nice to see her plan to trick Derek’s family fall short. She has turned into Frank, without Frank’s humor. And without Frank’s humor, Frank becomes an annoying waste of space on an already annoying waste of space of a show.

However, seeing someone’s baby get stolen is still a little sad. Even if it’s most likely the Antichrist. Do we see Debbie really losing Franny? I sure as shit hope so, just because her DCF story or whatever the fuck it’s called is getting tiresome. Get it done, get it over with, kill her off, whatever you do, stop this fuckin ginger from tainting some mediocre episodes of a mediocre show.

Some tidbits for the road

Bit of a slow week for everyone else. Sadly, as we predicted, Carl has been absent for two weeks now. Hopefully he makes some kind of miraculous comeback or at least shows a bit from what he’s up to. Like Lip, I am genuinely rooting for him to actually succeed, so maybe not seeing him is actually a good thing.

Fiona on the other hand, she saw a bit of an improvement at the tail end of this episode. The laundromat is finally fixed up and hopefully we see her life start to change a bit for the better. She’s so far stuck with not helping out any of her siblings to the extent that it starts ruining her life. So good for her in that regard. Despite Lip getting shafted, I gotta say it was not a shit show.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Jimmy/Steve comes back before the Season Finale:80/20

Debby loses Franny/Harry:30/70

Lip meets back up with Runyan:60/40

Someone worse replaces Frank:60/40

Alan Rosenberg is a mummy:90/20


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