For Whom the Bell Tolls

I’ve been giving this show a whole lotta shit, and for good reason. It’s been the same cycle of worn and tired tropes that worked so well in the past, but after the 50th time using it, come on. We’re soothsayers, not idiots here. So you have to imagine I was over the moon, when I saw that strung-out silhouette stumble out of an 18 wheeler. Monica, the salt to Frank’s pepper, has returned. And boy oh fuckty fuck fuck did she return!

Starting off a return with breaking the windows of the kidnappers of your daughter’s baby and stealing said baby back is quite an entrance. Even as far as Shameless is concerned. As we pointed out last week, I had my doubts of Debbie actually losing the baby. Although fighting a homeless woman with one arm and holding your baby in the other is a savage move, it’s not savage enough to get your child taken away. Everybody knows that. And even though I hate Debbie with the burning passion of 1000 suns, it’s nice to see justice, albeit an askewed form of justice, served.

And in true Monica fashion, as she helps one, she fucks over all the others. It started with Lip after he figures out he ain’t making it back to college, moved on to Ian which is always a dangerous situation and lastly moved over to Fiona. But the real issue of the story lies with her biggest confidant/most hated partner in crime, Frank. After nagging and harassing him and his beautiful new wife Etta, we get a total bomb dropped on us as she whips out brain tumor (?) outta nowhere. Just completely turning everyone’s world upside down.

However, as much as Monica’s return was huge, Ian’s other pain in his ass has returned. The beauty that is Micky Milkovich has finally made a comeback. Although I’ve been rooting for Steve/Jimmy to make an appearance, I’ll take Micky. Especially with the way his tranny friend pisses me the fuck off. Would love to see Micky pull and Mandy and just run Trevor over with a 4 door. Way to throw a wrench in everyone’s gears.

Some booze in the hand is worth more in the fridge

So far, I can’t really shit on the Lip story because it really has just started. But can they really expect us to just watch him get fuckin hammered for the rest of the season? Not a huge fan of that. Especially when it causes him to miss out on huge opportunities. It almost fucked over his appeal. Now it fucked over his potential internship. The dude needs to get his head out of his ass. But it was nice to see the Sierra/Lip relationship end, for now. Again, a bit of a tired trope but at this point, do we just roll with it? Maybe we see Karen pop up? Maybe Mandy? Hmmm….

That being said, what the fuck happened to the Lip/Fiona battle? Did it just end last week with the laundromat bitching? A bit bush-league there but I guess that makes sense? This is one of those instances where you need to keep your expectations low with this show. If you do that, you never get disappointed and fun things like Monica and Micky pop up. Stop shooting for the moon, maybe just go for a door handle or a tree branch or some shit.

Steve Harvey

All great stories start with, “So I called Steve Harvey…” That right there sealed the deal that this episode was a bit better than mediocre. I’m not quite sure if it trumps “ghost cock”, but it’s up there. Throuples counseling seemed like it was a success? At least after it was done, or was it? That was pretty confusing/sloppy if we’re being honest, and here at TDR, we most certainly are. They shoot a quick minute scene at the therapist office, make a joke, and then everything is all good when they get back to the Alibi? Uh, what? Not too sure about that shit.

Especially when it’s revealed that Lana stole (?) the bar from Kev and V. Again, not quite sure how that worked, but this may spell the end for our favorite throuple (only throuple?). Either way, an explanation would be nice. Something. Anything! Anything other than “yeah we’re good, but now we’re not (?)” is good. Write that one down.

Some tidbits for the road

Again, really nothing of note here. Fiona was mentioned a bit again, just kinda rolling with the Monica train and keeping up the laundromat. Nothing new, nothing to gripe about, nothing is nothing. Pure mediocrity. Still praying for Steve/Jimmy to make a miraculous appearance. It would go along with Monica and Micky, possibly Mandy, but that may be to many ‘M’s for my liking. Throw a J/S in there, gucci.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Jimmy/Steve comes back before the Season Finale:80/20

Lip goes back to college:30/70

Ian dumps tranny for Micky:60/40

Kev and V are gonna divorce/something happens to Svetlana:60/40

Steve Howey actually loves Steve Harvey:100/0


Ring Pops as a whole


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