All’s Well that Ends Well

Welp,that’s one way to wrap up a show…

After 10 stellar episodes, Westworld Season 1 has at last come to a close. Today is a new day, and like any day after a season finale, where do we go from here? We’ve invested close to 10.5 hours on this show. We’ve sunk countless more hours into combing the Internet for wild speculations on characters and subplots. We’ve thrown shade at British pricks, seemingly innocent millionaires, and an ignorant blonde. Where in the Sam-fucking-hill do we go from here? With the announcement coming in that Season 2 won’t air until 2018, we have a whole lot of time. But let’s not look too far into the future, we’re still fresh off on electric episode. And with that, let’s bust this bitch wide open.

I’ll be honest, there were a whole lot of theories thrown around regarding the Man in Black and Billy, multiple timeframes, Arnold and Bernard, Ford and his plan, and so many fucking other pieces to this puzzle. And I think aside from Ford’s grand finale, we got some answers to most of our questions, which I loved. Although we we’re a little off on our predictions, Wyatt did end up being a character we we’re all too familiar with. Revealing that Dolores was actually Wyatt was a great little twist there, as it made the weight of what Teddy did that much heavier. It also made that much more sense cuz who is gonna convince Teddy to massacre all the hosts but Dolores?

Now this was another reoccurring theme that I love so much about this show, and I really hope we see more of it to come: everything is somehow interconnected. When we first heard about Wyatt and Teddy massacring that one little town in the sand, it was a cool subplot. Heroic cowboy turned (Rick James voice) cold-bloodeddddddd killer. Turns out, it wasn’t just the town, it was the entire park’s host population. And who turns out to be Wyatt? Dolores. And who convinced Dolores to convince Teddy to kill all the hosts? Arnold. It could have easily been some one-off narrative involving Dolores and Teddy or just Wyatt and Teddy. But this show is in a league of it’s own and connected a web of questions and storylines all back together. As the Guinness lads would say “Brilliant!”

However, the plot thickens. Why does Arnold want Dolores to kill all the hosts in the park? In his mind, they weren’t ready. He hadn’t configured the perfect host and in his mind, he wanted them to achieve sentience, on their own. Enter, the Maze. A question since the beginning, the true answer to the Maze was all in our heads. More specifically, in the hosts’ heads. And in Arnold’s mind, in order to continue his work and to free the hosts, he had to stage a horrific accident that would culminate in the end of his own life. How poetic.

Give a host a conscious, they can live for…ever? In our closing moments, the beautiful ending to this season capped itself off with the demise of it’s belovedly hated creator, much as it began. The Alpha and the Omega. Ouroboros. All that type shit. I dare you to find a more fitting ending to this show. It starts how it ends, just like everything else. Well done. The big question is, where does it all go from here? With the park thrown into total chaos, what happens? Will there be split host factions? Dolores v. Maeve? Dolores and Maeve v. Humans? Man in Black vs. All? 2018 can’t come soon enough.

The People’s Champ

Although this one has been brewing for awhile, it was great to see that the Man in Black and Billy were the same person. His progression from pure white hat to a disturbing sociopath, albeit a little rushed, was very cool. Especially, as Dolores began to remember everything they had been through in their yesteryears. Another reason, why Billy triumphs over all. You have to imagine at first it’s gonna be hosts v. humans, on a basic level. But really, Billy wanted what Maeve wanted, to level the playing field. Instead of a game reserve, Billy wanted the Most Dangerous Game. He saw it as an unfair advantage and you gotta respect him for that. But does that mean he has to go against the hosts? It’d be interesting to see him ultimately siding with the hosts.

Like I said before, this show is great at interconnecting so many of it’s complex storylines. Because Arnold wanted to destroy the park before it even started, somebody had to save it from itself. Enter, Billy. Correction, enter Delos, Big Bill’s company. Yes, the Man in Black was a member of the Delos board, as we saw was revealed last episode. But now, we see he’s one of the owners of Delos and bought the park after the tragedy Arnold created. He wasn’t killed off at the end of the episode, so hopefully we’ll see everyone’s favorite man in black come back. Which begs the question, do we see an older version of Logan soon? Especially how they parted ways, there’s gotta be some bad blood there. Riding naked on a horse through the desert has gotta be a little tough on the gonads. Might have a little resentment there.

Some tidbits for the road

Don’t you think for a second we forgot about Maeve! We saw a vicious episode thanks to some handiwork done by Hector and Armistice. Nice to see the pervy kid come back and get some pervy justice, oh how young love hurts. As we predicted, Maeve didn’t make it out, but not because she couldn’t. Or was this how her new narrative is programmed? We did see Arnold/Bernard drop a hint that she wasn’t technically doing all of this on her free will. Another huge question, who’s controlling Maeve? Before we got the bomb of Bernard being a host dropped on us, Elsie was one of the only other humans to know about the malfunctioning hosts. Perhaps she’s controlling her from afar? I highly doubt she is dead, seeing that most of Season 1’s big deaths have been on screen.

SW? Samurai World? What the fuck? That was a hugely glossed over scene with everything else going on. A totally new park? A park that already exists in a different country? Side by side? Lotta questions there, and will these samurais be used in the war against the humans? Will the humans use the samurai against Westworld hosts? Either way, not using these samurai as soldiers in the war to come is a must for either side.

As most of you already know, Westworld was originally a Michael Crichton movie back in the 70s. Most of you also probably know that Michael Crichton wrote the widely successful Jurassic Park and it’s sequel The Lost World, where dinosaurs have been genetically created using DNA found in mosquitoes that were trapped inside tree sap that turned into amber. Anybody with some hawk hearing might have noticed Dolores drop an amber reference which must have been a wink to Jurassic Park. A little caveat there, nothin’s getting by TDR.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Teddy bones Dolores:20/80

A host makes it out of Westworld:30/70

Man in Black makes it out alive:60/40

Dolores v. Maeve:50/50

Old Man Logan makes a triumphant return:60/40


Dominoes at 3 am


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