We’re Shipping Down to Mexico, WOOAAHH!

It’s not Steve/Jimmy (yet) but I’ll take it! Micky is the spark that Shameless needs. In my opinion, it might have been a bit late in the game with two episodes left, but hey, it’s something! Especially cuz it looked like Micky was only gonna be featured, strictly as a callback. Similar to how Professor Runyan was featured this episode, I saw Micky kinda just being a catalyst for Ian’s bipolar disorder to flare back up. And that was it. He’d creep back into the night, never to be heard from again. The literal OG of breaking necks and cashing checks.

However, it looks like he’s staying around for quite a bit. And as we predicted again, Ian dumped Tranny Trevor for Micky. I swear, we may just be a wizard Harry. The move to Mexico, what are we thinking? How can it even play out? I really don’t see Ian just disappearing off the face of the Earth, or them even having him be in Mexico for the next season. I see Micky getting killed off before they can make their true Bonnie and Clyde getaway. Or Burt and Clyde? Either way, it’s always great to see Micky come back and ruin people’s lives.


I’ve complained all season that the showrunners have been using old tricks throughout. Bipolar disorder, homophobia, drug addiction, while all make great TV, it gets tiresome after the 15th time. And so was about to be the case with Lip. It was a great number to bring back Professor Runyan, albeit a little too quick of a scene in my opinion, but it was nice nonetheless. It was the perfect tipping point for Lip to realize he needs to get his shit together. Professor Youens, Fiona, even Monica and Frank calling him out really couldn’t shake him. The only person who could, was the direct cause of why he was doing all this in the first place. Gotta at least give you a golf clap for this one.

However, was I the only person to notice that Lip was wearing a flannel vest? If I recall, Frank tends to wear this same sort of outfit all the time. Could it be some foreshadowing towards Lip slipping down all the way? I wouldn’t put it past him, especially after how much he resents both Frank and Monica. It would be the perfect way for him to finally, in the very fucking end of this show, to realize that he needs to get his life together.

The AA was a nice touch. I’m not sure if that shit would really work for Lip though. I really have no knowledge of what it’s like to be an alcoholic, but if rehab didn’t work, I’m not too sure how well AA is gonna work. I mean, you honestly gotta root for the kid, hopefully the Professor Runyan bit slapped him in the face enough to realize he needs to get his life back on track. Fingers crossed hoss.

He doesn’t love it when you call him Big Papa

The Kev, V, Svetlana saga continues. I honestly had mixed emotions on this one. Although Svetlana stealing the bar from them is a pretty “cunty” thing to do, if she did it genuinely for the three of them, I kinda agree with Svetlana. She is 100% the smartest one of the three of them, which is kinda like being the tallest midget (little person?). It would only make sense for her to own the bar and get it out of the crippling debt it was formerly in.

Seeing Kev see how this might have been the better option was awesome, until it was squandered by V and Fiona convincing him to hire Oscar Martinez, Attorney at Law. It makes for a fun little story, but I don’t know. I was really digging the whole throuple deal, especially cuz Svetlana is a BAMF. Hopefully it get’s squared away.

It was a great way to have V and Fiona become friends again though. I honestly completely forgot about them being like, BFFs for 6 seasons. Although it may result in Lana somehow leaving, it’s a trade-off I may come to accept. Or not. I may just light my hair on fire in a fit of rage over how much bullshit this show is shoveling down our throats. Honestly, could go either way.

Some tidbits for the road

Quote of the show: “Some fuckery must be goin’ on, must be the Italians.” Etta and Neil are true dark horses, in every sense of the word. Keep doing you girlfriend.

Speaking of Neil, the casino bus heist was pretty good. Frank and Monica are back to their old shenanigans, which always makes for some good laughs. And good ole Neil just wanted to join in on the fun. Who can blame him? The Devil herself of course. Fuck Debbie. Never gonna be Team Debbie. Never, ever, in my entire fucking life. And you can take that shit to the fucking bank. But on a real note: are casino buses are real thing? That bus just looked like it was gonna transport some old fucks to a real casino. No dealers. No tables. No machines. No fucking casino.

I’ve been praying all season long. I’ve said it in each and every post for Shameless. I hope to our lord and savior they aren’t fuckin with us. He was name dropped. This may have literally just been a name drop. It would be a huge dick tease, but it very well could be a simple name drop. But we all know. We all know he’s coming. Neil and Etta can’t do it by themselves. Frank can’t keep wooing old ladies. Carl can’t keep getting circumcisions. This beautiful Canadian is the only hope. Bring Steve/Jimmy back.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Steve/Jimmy comes back before the Season Finale:80/20

Kev and V are gonna divorce/something happens to Svetlana:70/30

Lip goes back to college:40/60

Micky dies trying to get into Mexico:50/50

Casino buses are a real thing:50/50


Cool Ranch Doritos at 3 am


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