Molly: A Fickle Bitch

Just when you think this show has thrown you under the bus, ran you over, backed up and runs you over again, they give us an episode like this. The slow churn of overused antics and tiresome storylines has finally made its way to some kinda climax. And I gotta give credit where credit is due, because as you know, we are all about fairness here at TDR. Assuming Monica is dead, it had to be one of the sadder moments on Shameless. The only other moment that really had me bleary eyed was way back when Frank and Lip went ice skating and I believe that was when we thought he was gonna die from liver failure. This is a close second though.

Honestly, we should seen this one coming, especially considering her dying was preceded by a super happy moment. The Gallaghers coming together, in one huge roll-fest. Fucking hilarious. As soon as Monica came back with that mug I assumed it was either booze or drugs. Of course we nailed this one too guys. And as much as I’ve hated Monica and Frank some (most) of the time, seeing Frank crying after their wedding in one of the only happier moments of the show, was really tough. But I’m sure he’ll manage to fuck it up somehow.

Fiona Trump

Who woulda thunk it? Fiona Gallagher, Real Estate Mogul. I do love seeing her actually following through with plans and doing something for herself. That was something I was worried about since she declared her independence, considering it’s a trope this show has used countless times. Very cool indeed. Especially now that this ultimately leads to her really getting her foot into the door. It was a similar scene when she boned the financial planner and realized what she could do with some real money, but it worked well. Especially since this is a pretty realistic scenario,not just in the Shameless world. Well done there.

It also led to a nice little reunion with Lip. After his AA meeting, I really thought we’d just see a drunk Lip all the time trying to get his act together. But him seeing how successful Fiona has been and admitting how wrong he was, it was a great little family moment there. The odds of Lip going back to college are pretty slim, but he might find some solace in a venture similar to Fiona. Although, with how smart he is, you gotta think he’s headed down a bit of a different path than real estate. My guess is he follows what Profesh was preaching and tries to get into some kinda Robin Hood type computer shit.

A Mexican, a Homosexual, and Big Papa walk into a bar…

I think we all knew Ian wasn’t making it into Mexico. Way too pasty for the sun. Especially after how great everything was going with Tranny Trevor, I couldn’t see Micky sticking around for long. Way too good to be true. Does anyone else just think Noel Fisher is dirty, like all the time? He always looks like he’s working in a chimney or a fucking coal mine. I feel dirty after watching him on screen. Am I crazy?

Right after Ian leaves Micky though, I was sure he was just gonna barrel into the Border Patrol and get lit up. Total Micky move to just go out in a blaze of glory. Realistically though, didn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially since Ian woulda gotten arrested. Hopefully we aren’t stuck with some random scenes of Ian on the road. Especially since they FLEW through him and Micky traveling down to Mexico. I’m not completely convinced they aren’t time travelers or loopers. Maybe even aliens. That would explain the dirtiness…

In my eyes, Kev and V’s story has been kinda brushed to the side this season. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Seeing Kev livin it up, dancing as a bartender at a gay nightclub was hilarious. Just absolutely lovin life. I don’t see him jerkin the dude off, that’s gotta be something that V gives a hard no to. Super funny seeing his and her reaction. He’s gotta be like 6’7 right? Massive human being there.

Some tidbits for the road

So sad to see Etta go. She has been one of the saving graces of this show in its darkest days. The flame that will forever burn. The light in the night. The smile in everyone’s heart. Never forget, Etta.

Gotta assume Carl makes it back for the Season Finale? I think that’s a safe bet there. And don’t you even think that Steve/Jimmy isn’t coming back. Look for him, in the rising sun, on a white steed, with that toothy Canadian grin.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Steve/Jimmy comes back before the Season Finale:80/20

Lip goes back to college:30/70

Carl makes a valiant return:60/40

Kev jerks off a dude for $500:40/60

Ian and Micky are Loopers:50/50


Newman’s Own Pizza


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