Watchers of the Wall

If you didn’t see Spencer at least attempting to defect to Negan’s side, I don’t know what show you’re watching. I may be a bit tainted since I have now read almost every issue of The Walking Dead, but it was still coming a mile away. And I’ll tell you what, well done. They lined that shit up perfectly. It was almost picture perfect to how it’s executed in the comics and it was just as shocking and visceral then as it was now. Which brings me to a huge point that may actually be a little depressing for the show. So far, everything the show has ripped from the comics, has been stellar. Negan killing Glenn. Negan talking with Carl. Negan branding that dude’s face. Negan killing Spencer. Basically everything with Negan has been awesome. It’s sad to see that the show can’t come up with any great moments (at least this season) on their own.

Sure, killing Abraham was a great moment, but it was overshadowed by Glenn getting killed like 20 minutes later. Olivia getting shot? Who gives a shit if a lady who’s job it is to take inventory dies? And even if we did give a shit about it, it was overshadowed by the death of everyone’s favorite douchebag getting gutted in the streets like it was the fucking Middle Ages! I mean, what Rosita did is very similar to something that happens in the comics, with a bit of a spin on it, but killing someone so fuckin insignificant? I don’t know about that one.

Regardless, Spencer and Olivia’s death were the nice kick in the ass Rick and the Crew needed. I’m guessing this means that we are about to witness All Out War. Or at least the Hilltop and Alexandria All Out War (more on that later). It fucking took long enough. If it took you four fucking episodes with the death of an asshole and one of the most insignificant characters in the show to kick start Rick into going against Negan, there might be an issue. Which brings me to a rather important point: Alexandria and the Hilltop still have no idea who or what the Kingdom is. I can’t help but compare it to the comics because of how legendary they are, but at this point, the relationship between all four safe zones (Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Sanctuary) has been well-developed. This tiptoeing through the tulips bullshit needs to figure itself the fuck out.

And don’t even get me started on our International Man of Mystery. These are the types of cliffhangers that piss me the fuck off. You did it to us once, I get it. Mr. Mystery comes in, spying on Rick and Aaron, don’t show his face. Sure. But throwing in a post-credit scene where it’s pretty much the same fucking thing?! Fuck off. You left the show on a horrible note, having everyone hug and shit, with no clear plan or explanation of where Ezekiel and the Kingdom stand, how Daryl and Jesus made it back, and what the next move is for Rick and the Crew. This show has done some stupid fucking stuff before, but this really fucking took the cake. At this point, I couldn’t even venture a guess as to who’s spying on them. I would hope to fuckin Christ they aren’t introducing the Whisperers at the same time as Negan and the Saviors, that would be bonkers. My best guess would have to be someone managed to follow Tara to Alexandria from Oceanside. A little bit of a letdown, but that makes the most sense.

Who let the Dog out?

It had to be Dwight’s bitty right? I highly doubt it was Dwight himself. We aren’t at a point that this theory makes a whole lot of sense. Although Negan’s been a raging dick to Dwight since we’ve met the two, we aren’t quite at a point that Dwight would defect to Rick and the Crew. I 100% see it coming in the second half of this season, or at the rate this show is going, probably closer to next season, but definitely not right now.

And after not seeing Jesus really do much of anything for the past couple episodes, aside from roundhousing zombies, it was great to see him help Daryl out of Sanctuary. Especially at the expense of poor Fat Joey. Again, I can’t help but compare events to the comics but this may come as an interesting theory to some of you. In the comics, Jesus is actually gay. He has a lover named Alex who I’m pretty sure is some kinda doctor. Granted, this happens way down the road, but considering Daryl isn’t in the comics and there have been rumors that Daryl is secretly gay, perhaps we might have found a new couple? And I gotta say, this may be the biggest power couple, maybe second behind Rick and Michonne. But with Rick’s man card indefinitely revoked, I’d say Jesus and Daryl might have them beat.

Sir Richard the Lionhearted

Richard, what can we say? A valiant effort to try and convince these two morons on fighting for one of the only causes that are worth fighting for. You could have convinced Jesus. You could have convinced Aaron. Hell, you probably could have convinced Rick at this point. But you got stuck with LITERALLY the worst hand imaginable. Two people who have vowed to refuse killing humans and may have been the best fighters in the show, of course they’re going to refuse you.

Now seeing him get all fired up? Maybe it lights a fire under both their asses. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe they decide that sitting on their thumbs, waiting for Negan to rip their them out, break them, then shove them back in is a better call. I get you’re trying to make their vow of non-violence something important, but now you’re just wasting more airtime. Cuz you know it’s gonna take another episode or two to convince them to convince Ezekiel.

And what the fuck was the deal with Richard just throwing a temper tantrum in his trailer? He just got down with this rousing speech to try and rile the troops and then immediately goes into a trailer in the woods, smashes some bottles, and cries on the floor? What the fuck guys?

Some tidbits for the road

So it turns out old Padre Gabriel isn’t a dick. Really thought he was going to be defecting to Negan with Spencer. Turns out he’s actually just a good dude. But I’m sure we’ll see he’s like a pedophile or some shit. If not, it looks like he’s turning more and more into his comic self. Kinda like a words of wisdom guy, doesn’t really get involved in any battles or violence. Kinda like, ya know, a priest would?

I mentioned this last week and it came to fruition, so please, allow me to vent my frustrations. Although this lined up perfectly with Spencer’s death, Rick and Aaron’s trip to the house boat was LITERALLY just to scavenge for supplies. Granted, it did give us our first glance into Mr. Boots, but that was it? A pair of boots, supplies, and some heartfelt conversation between Rick and Aaron? What a fucking waste. Especially because I really thought that the sign they found was going to lead to something very different. I guess you could really spin zone this into a bunch of small shit that just built up to convince Rick to finally fight back, but really? Just a weak move guys.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Daryl dies in the Season Finale:60/40

Dwight turns on Negan:70/30

The Kingdom joins the Alliance:80/20

Maggie becomes leader of the Hilltop:90/10

Daryl and Jesus become lovers:70/30


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