Guess who’s back…?

This is Tom Hardy’s show. There’s absolutely no debate there. I started watching this show because I heard he was in it. I will continue to watch this show because he is in it. And I will watch anything he is in, regardless of it’s content, because he’s in it. He’s been playing the character of hulking badass for quite some time now. He can carry a conversation with facial gestures and grunts that somehow make dialogue unnecessary. And Taboo is no different.

As James Delaney, son of recently deceased Horace Delaney, James has come back for really only one thing; a desolate piece of land off the coast of Vancouver, Nootka Sound left to him by his father.  Now, this episode kinda jumps all over the place. It opens a bunch of doors that it kicks wide open and kinda doesn’t really revisit them. It leaves a whole lot of questions to be answered which I’m fine with, but it was a bit overwhelming at times. We get to meet his shady half-sister Zilpha (Oona Chaplin), who was all set to grab everything their father had, considering good ole James was off in Africa for 12 years. Definitely some kinda sexual relations going on there, that is one question that is most certainly not left open to interpretation. I’m not entirely convinced this is some kinda Cersei/Jamie Lannister type deal, but there was at least some previous necking.

Brace (David Hayman) seemingly the only loyal friend to James and his father, becomes James’ right-hand man out the get go. In this time period, it seems like there was always some kinda old, wise man who warns of some terrible abomination. That abomination just so happens to be Nootka Sound. You gotta wonder what it is that makes this piece of land so weary to Brace. Hostile natives? Ghosts? Bigfoot? Without a doubt there’s some shady shit going down on Nootka, and our man Brace is the key to finding out what, exactly it is.

A is for Asshat

For every badass there has to be an asshat, and Taboo is no stranger. Please allow me to introduce Sir Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce), Chairman of the East India Trading Company, in all his fuckfaced glory. Honestly, as far as douchers go, this may be a fitting antagonist. Jonathan Pryce did great as the High Sparrow and it seems he’s taking his grandiose image of himself to the moon with Strange. Did not know they were letting FX drop F-bombs on their late night programming, but I’m a big fan. May sound a little strange/forced coming out of an old fart, but I’m a fan of crude and crass, so keep it coming.

The master plan seems pretty cliche, but it works well with him and the EITC. Although he muscles everyone around, it seems like the dude writing shit down in the back is gonna somehow be alot more important. Godfrey (Ed Hogg), seems like he could be swayed by Delaney to spy on the EITC. If Delaney is going to take them on, he’s definitely gonna need some low friends in high places. Godfrey is our man on the inside.


As I said, the one big problem here is questions. There are so many fucking questions that need to be answered. What is Delaney’s interest in Nootka Sound? Why does Brace warn him against going there? Does Zilpha and Throne want it for a different reason? What happened to Delaney to cause all these hallucinations/flashbacks? Who killed Horace? Did they kill Horace for Nootka? Why is Strange such a cockbag? There are a billion questions that need answering. Granted, this is the first episode so it makes sense there are going to be questions that are left open. My hope is that they’re all answered by the end.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Nootka Sound is haunted: 80/20

Godfrey will help James: 70/30

Thorne is a pawn in Zilpha’s plan: 70/30

Zilpha and James had a romance: 100/0

Stuart Strange is grade A asshat: 100/0


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