Give a Pope an inch…

Things are starting to take a turn from ridiculous to just flat out excessive. I think we all knew Lenny was a bit full of himself, but a fucking kangaroo? Really, man? What the fuck are you gonna do with a kangaroo? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for having crazy pets. A tiger or like an ostrich? Not too bad. Just badass enough or outrageous enough to make me take a second glance. But a kangaroo? They’re basically the deer of Australia. You, the Pope, were just given a glorified deer. What does that say about what the people think about you? You’re frail, indecisive, and tend to have a weakness for bright lights. Which, as a matter of fact, could possibly be argued as fact.

This episode really opened the door for how much of a fuck Lenny actually is. His exchange with Sofia (Cecile de France), head of Marketing for all Pope merch, was more of his Panda-pissing shenanigans. Was their “very-good” conversation meant to be funny? That’s where my concern lies. I can’t tell if this show knows how ridiculous it is and is trying to play off it with humor? Or is it just rough writing? I have to imagine it’s the former as a pet kangaroo, Diet Cherry Coke, and “I’m a Virgin, but this shirt’s old” have all been used. Paolo Sorrentino would have to be deaf, blind, and mute not to realize how absurd that all is. As for the foot washing power move, you gotta respect it. That was a big flex by Lenny there.

It would seem his flexing didn’t stop with Sophia. After catching wind that a certain woman thinks she too has some say in all matters Pope, the swift hand of Pope-ry struck and swatted that shit down like a Mutombo block. And this is actually where things got a little interesting. Coming into this episode, I would have guessed the Pope would have a sweet spot for Sister Mary. Kinda someone who he would let slide, bend his will, kinda take her advice more-so than the other Cardinals. But it would seem his asshole-ness extends to everyone. It’s nice to see his discrimination knows no bounds. However, does this mean he is now alone in his Pope-dom? Do we have a coup d’etat on our hands? I can see Sister Mary getting sick of Lenny’s shit, and with the introduction of Lenny’s childhood friend and Sister Mary supporter Cardinal Dussolier (Scott Shepherd), perhaps we see a shift in allegiance for Sister Mary.

The Invisible Pope

I did like the whole “Invisible Pope” vibe. If Lenny is really that blinded by his own power and greed, it makes total sense for him to liken himself to God. His speech was out of this fucking world and freaking out on that kid with the laser pointer, again, has me looking for answers. Is Lenny cracking under pressure? We got to formally meet grade-A shitbird and Lenny’s mentor Cardinal Spencer (James Cromwell), whom Lenny looked to for guidance. After declining his offer to become some fancy ass member of the Church, it looks like Lenny is at somewhat of a loss. He refused to take Sister Mary’s advice, he doesn’t listen to his advisers or his Cardinals, and his speech was a load of shit. He sounded like a fucking nutjob. I ask you, is he going nuts from the pressure of being the Pope? Or is he really that blinded by his own power? I really can’t tell.

Although we may see a shift in Sister Mary’s allegiance, she still remains to be on Lenny’s side. Again, something this show tends to focus on is how ridiculous and political the Church tends to be. We obviously knew Sister Mary would be following around Voiello, attempting to find some dirt on him for Lenny. That he would be so blatant as to first, be a fan of women of the night was a little fishy. Then, trying to set him up as possibly gay, which seems like to Lenny, is icky. And finally settling on him taking care of his severely handicapped son(?), it looks like Voiello may just be a good dude looking out for the Church. There is his weird obsessions with the Venus of Willendorf though…

Some tidbits for the road

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re a reading this blog, you tend to follow a certain set of beliefs, or rather, you don’t follow a strict set of morals. Now when this episode started, I was expecting something weird. Something similar to a baby crawling across a pile of dead babies and the Pope coming out from underneath that pile of dead babies. Ya know, something predictable. When I was met with two people copulating, I didn’t think anything of it. What really took me back, was the exchange between the two people after the deed was done. The woman had the belief that sex should only be used for procreation. And that, was when I think I may have had a minor heart attack.

On the other hand, Sister Mary rocking a particularly crude shirt about sex was awesome. Again, I don’t know my bible all that well, but I’m pretty sure nuns are supposed to be all pure and good and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great the Church has a sense of humor when it comes to issues of sex, but Sister Mary? I woulda thought she’d have a broomstick up her ass when it comes to humor, let alone sexual humor. We may be seeing a different side to this woman of the cloth.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Lenny and Sister Mary boned:80/20

Gutierrez is secretly working for Voiello:60/40

Sister Mary manipulates Andrew into taking down the Pope:50/50

Voiello is secretly gay:60/40

Kangaroo kills someone:70/30


Diet Cherry Coke


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