In one swift episode, we go through a roller coaster of emotions, especially from Voiello. His plan was put perfectly in motion and could have easily started a massive scandal between Pope Copa’Feel and the not so innocent Esther, but his conscience got the best of him. At first, I thought this was another joke. For someone who is always one step ahead of his enemies, he fell right into this one, which has me question whether this was done intentionally. With the rumor mill in the Vatican already buzzing about Esther and Lenny’s juicy relationship, it seemed like a Lenny thing to do. However, just when we think he’s caught, he explains to Esther that he truly is a man of the cloth and has forsaken all the fleshy pleasures of man. Rough fucking life.

More importantly, does Esther know that Sir Pope-A-Lot was praying for her to get pregnant? It looked like she caught him spying on her getting after it but I can’t imagine she knows why. Regardless of the fact, the deflowering seen towards the end of the episode was a blatant point towards her definitely being pregnant. I’m not sure you can get more obvious than that. Which begs the question, does this mean Lenny is SuperPope?

“Let me tell ya ’bout my best friend…”

It was pretty cool to see how strong the friendship between Lenny and Dussolier really is. It was mentioned briefly in the Second Episode, but we never really got much more from it. From back at the orphanage trying to run away and find their parents to their present day predicaments in the Church, it looks like Dussolier is truly Lenny’s only real friend. And it only makes sense that Dussolier would become the Prefect for the Congregation for the Clergy, which I guess is a big deal(?).

However, the big question that arises from Lenny and Dussolier’s friendship is their mysterious secret. What exactly did they see when they were spying on the custodian’s dying wife all those years ago? Did Lenny perform some type of miracle then? Did the young boy have some sort of superpowers that Lenny stole from him? Obviously Dussolier believes in Lenny and will follow him in his Popedom, but it must stem from this encounter. What the fuck was going on in there?

Secrets, secrets are no fun

Big twist here folks. Big ole fuckin twist. Well, not really, Lenny is a pretty sneaky guy. How he found out about anyone and everyone’s secrets remains to be a mystery (Sister Mary), but he now knows nonetheless, and he is wearing it like a fucking badge of honor. The funny thing is, why the fuck would Voiello give the photos to Sister Mary and expect her not to give them to Lenny? That can’t be right. Either Voiello wanted to get caught, realized he was being an asshole and shot this dead before it got out of hand, or is the dumbest motherfucker in the history of sneaky snakes.

Love how Lenny flips everything right back on Voiello. From Gutierrez being a boozehound to Esther being Voiello’s spy, Lenny knew it all. And in a truly sorry display of affection, Voiello collapses like a dying star and begs for forgiveness. At this point, I wasn’t quite sure what he’d do to punish Voiello. The only thing he really could do was excommunicate him from the Church and ruin his entire life’s work. But Lenny seems smarter than that and could probably find some sort of use for him. Super big power move there. This either is gonna be a huge mistake on Lenny’s part or Voiello is gonna become like his creepy best friend.

Batter Up

This episode’s biggest scene came in like a fucking runaway freight train on steroids. There was so much shit going on with Lenny’s entrance, I would be remiss not to mention it . First, getting carried in like a Pharoah is a super underrated move. Again, my knowledge of Catholicism is rather limited, but I don’t think Popes have been gettin’ their asses carried in on the backs of slaves since maybe the Renaissance? Boss moves only for Lenny Fuckin’ Belardo. Second, the gloves. I need them. Third, the crown/tiara. Last I checked, tiaras were made of crystals and meant for princesses. Well move the fuck over Diana, Pius is in town, struttin’ in like he owns the goddamn world.

With the charade aside, his speech was what I really needed to understand where this show is going. It was great to finally hear his direction for the Church, even though it may be rather drastic. However, he was absolutely right. People drool over a good love story, and making the Church mysterious is what the public needs to fall back in love with them. And I can’t disagree with having fewer followers that are absolutely devoted rather than more followers who have one foot out the door. Totally makes sense.

I’ll tell you what though, I wasn’t expecting Spencer to be the first person to kiss his feet. Definitely woulda taken either Dussolier or even Voiello, but not Spencer. I can’t help but think that Spencer is trying to play the long con, especially after his meeting with Voiello and Death Incarnate. Same for Voiello. I don’t see him rolling over so easily. I can see his mistakes as testing the waters, feeling out Lenny to see how to properly attack him. Expect him to come back with a vengeance.

What does this mean though? Has everyone just decided to bow down to Lenny? I can’t imagine everyone is on board with his new plan, especially Voiello and Spencer. There are obvious holes in this new direction for the Church, but who will the new enemies of Lenny be? There’s still Voiello’s assistant definitely being gay and with Lenny’s stance on homosexuals in general, that’s not gonna end well. Lenny is gonna have alot of opposition, not only from the Church, but from Catholics in general. Who his enemies will be though, remains to be seen.

Also, finishing up on Tonino was pretty sweet. That has gotta be one of the most terrifying sights to walk in on. That guy definitely isn’t making it out alive. I’ll admit, I was wrong with him possibly teaming up with Lenny. This guy is fucked, big time.

Some tidbits for the road

I was never a big fan of LMFAO. They were a nice little fad back when they were popular, but their songs got real old, real quick. That being said, Sexy and I Know It playing while he’s getting ready is priceless. Especially since that outfit was the tits.

What was the deal with the hooker at the bar? Is this supposed to reinforce Lenny’s supposed Pope Powers? More importantly, are there hookers waiting outside the Vatican, specifically for members of the Church? If so, wild place to live.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Amatucci is secretly gay:70/30

Esther becomes pregnant:90/10

Lenny and Tonino team up:20/80

Spencer and Voiello team up to take down Lenny:60/40

Lenny’s speech outfit is secretly a cheap rug:80/20


Pope’s “Tiara”


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