Let’s Make a Deal!

Where there’s a deal, there’s James Delaney, whether we know it or not. Especially if it’s involving the EITC and the Crown. Formerly, we were thought to believe that there would be some kinda Unholy Union between the EITC and the Crown but not if James Delaney has anything to say. Throw all that garbage out the window because now we’re looking at four separate factions all vying for Nootka Sound.

More importantly, this scene really shed a light on how creepy Solomon Coop (Jason Watkins) can be. I get he’s supposed to be something of a spy master to the Prince Regent, but this is pretty rough. I guess in a game where your enemies are a possibly-possessed-definitely-disturbed James Delaney, the EITC who is pretty much the CIA of 1800’s England, and a newly formed hot and heavy United States, you gotta take what you can get.

The Gunpowder Plot

Now we knew James was up to something from the very beginning, we just didn’t know what that something was. And we still are in the dark about his intentions with Nootka Sound, but we at least now know, gunpowder is an important piece of that puzzle! More importantly, we know that you can make gunpowder out of shit, piss, ash, and saltpeter. Science! Thank you Dr. Cholmondeley (Tom Hollander) for your vast knowledge of things noone should ever know. I really do like this guy a whole helluva lot. Partys hard, eats cow shit, and loves a good duck party, what’s not to love?

With three of these things being fairly easy to get/produce, where can one find saltpeter? Well, it just so happens that the EITC has a warehouse filled to the brim with saltpeter. Lucky for James that he has a crew of loyal miscreants willing to do the deed for him while he’s off at a fancy ball. I wasn’t sure when Helga was going to show her worth, but it looks like pulling the old “distract the guard with a whore” look really does work. And just like that, James is back in business.

The gunpowder, what do we think it’s being used for? The most obvious guess has to be it’s a trading commodity for the natives on Nootka Sound. But I still have a hard time believing the only thing James wants is to start his own trading company in the Nootka Sound territory. Especially considering that saltpeter is gonna run out sooner rather than later.

The Exorcism of Zilpha Geary

I don’t know whether this can be a considered a crime or more importantly, why James doesn’t use this more often, but I think we saw Zilpha and James pretty much have possession-sex/rape(?). Jury is still out on that one, but seriously, why doesn’t James just possess-kill Strange/Dumbarton/Coop? My guess is there’s some kinda bond between James and Zilpha that allow this to happen, but if that’s not the case, a very serious misuse of potential power. Shame on you James.

Allow this scene was key to later scenes in this episode, it has now fully proved there are supernatural powers at work. The scene in the water “dispelling” the ghosts of his ship, the trippy dreams about Shelly Draven, and everything in between were all very real. I like this angle, especially because it makes James all that more menacing. I can see him using these powers to win the duel against Thorne/come back from the dead if he does lose. Speaking of which, who the fuck does Thorne think he is?! This is fucking James Keziah Delaney we’re talking about here. He’s heard the rumors, seen the shit he’s pulled, as looked him dead in the face, and still decides he wants to duel?! Child please, this is a man’s game. Sit the fuck back down.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Going into this episode we really had two major questions: what does James want with Nootka Sound and who the fuck is Carlsbad? While we still don’t have a definite on the former we now can safely assume that the Countess Musgrove is Carlsbad, the deeply embedded spy from the U.S. who can get James a seat with Tommy Jefferson. She can also get him and his dearly beloved sister safe passage to the U.S. in what would appear to be Nootka Sound. For a guy who likes to possess-fuck his sister, I’d say that’s not a bad deal. But the story still remains the same, what does James want with Nootka Sound? If he doesn’t jump at the idea of safe passage for him and his sister-lover, copious amounts of money, or a fully established trade route, what in the sweet fuck does this man want?

Some tidbits for the road

Let’s not gloss over that disembowelment of the world’s largest U.S. assassin. Some pretty rough stuff there. Loved the use of unconventional weaponry there (I see you hay hooks) not to mention that James took that bonk on the head like a champ. Softer hits have felled lesser men. More importantly, what is the child to James? Long lost son? Younger brother? Child from the boat he almost drowned on? Another question needs answering James my boy.

Another very real question, is Winter real? Now, I cannot confirm nor deny this but it would appear they’re really starting to muddy the waters. On the one hand, James sees her on multiple occasions. He has in-depth conversations with her and she knows facts about him that only lovers or people on the Subway would know about someone. Also, Helga does mention Winter and it seems like she did see her when James stops by the whore house. On the other hand, we never see Helga actually interact with Winter, only mention her by name. And she does tend to pop up in places where generally children don’t hang out, like James’ flooded basement.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Winter is dead:70/30

James uses voodoo to beat Thorne or heal/revive himself in the duel:80/20

Boy in the window is James and Zilpha’s son:80/20

James was abandoned by Strange, leading to him being captured in Africa:100/0

Cholmondeley is Prince Regent George’s long-lost brother:80/20


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