Not so Pope-ly

All the pieces of this miraculous puzzle are finally starting to fall in place, starting with good ole’ Moley Mole, Voiello. I don’t think it’s a huge surprise that Voiello had copies of the gropey photos. Now signing your soul away to the Grim Reaper, that there is a risky move, especially since he wants to become the Pope. Who in their right mind would want a Pope that isn’t sure if he’s going to live through each night? Not the best choice on Voiello’s part or the Grim Reaper’s for that matter. They would have a much easier time with Spencer, as he doesn’t look like he’s gonna drop dead any second.

Which makes it all the more intriguing of Voiello and the Grim Reaper’s move here. Feign loyalty to Spencer and make him think they want him to be the Pope, all the while pushing for the Grim Reaper. Good to see that all three of these bros were just pretending to believe in Lenny’s absurdly conservative push. Or, is Voiello feigning loyalty to the Grim Reaper and secretly pushing for Spencer, without either of them knowing? Or, is Voiello feigning loyalty to both, and pushing himself? That does seem like such a Voiello move, but he has expressed that he has no desire to become Pope. Psh, okay.

And with any Voiello plot, comes some hardcore slyness. Hardcore. The thing is, who do you blame more for trying to get Lenny to sign his own resignation? Lenny, for being too blinded to read 5 small paragraphs? Sister Mary, for tricking Lenny into thinking his parents came back by sending him the other half of the pipe? Cardinal Voiello, for coming up with the idea to have Lenny unknowingly sign his resignation? Or the goddamn actors, who thought it was a-fucking-okay to trick the orphaned Pope into thinking his parents came back into his life?! Seriously, these people musta been desperate. Either their only credentials were a John Waters flick or they are secret serial killers. Absolutely (cue the music) cold-bloooddeedddd.

One Hell of A Night

Alright, so we knew Dussolier was gonna be in rough shape. I mean, being the cause of a youngster’s suicide is some pretty depressing shit. Now, getting hammered at a weird “Eyes Wide Shut” party(?), turning down the host who is in heat, losing your fancy cross in a pool, and then kinda getting raped by the host lady’s son sounds like a little overkill.

What I wasn’t quite expecting yet was him to make the trip back down to Honduras. Unfortunately, it led to his untimely death at the hands of a Honduran Narco, but so is the life of a man of the cloth. Not sure what the move is once you know you’ve been caught boning a drug kingpin’s wife. Probably shouldn’t really even go near her to begin with. Especially since, ya know, the whole celibacy thing.

The Not-So-Young Pope

This was probably the most defining moment of this episode. Dussolier and Lenny hanging out on the roof discussing what exactly Lenny is trying to do. More specifically, how they basically killed a small boy by denying him his chance at being a Priest. What really stands out though is this was probably our first look at Lenny maturing. Dussolier calls him out for hanging on to his parents, as they obviously didn’t want anything to do with him, let them go. Stop worrying about the past and grow up. Be the man you were elected to be.

Some tidbits for the road

Not quite sure if this is just the Pope being a good Christian, but forgiving Sister Mary so easily? I get it, she was trying to stop him from destroying the Church, the one thing she loves more than Lenny and Dussolier, but damn that was pretty cold. I’d be pretty pissed if I were Lenny.

Okay, so we got another bit of interesting facts about the Church this episode. Especially since I’ve always wondered about this one. Apparently, or at least according to The Young Pope, celibacy is a thing because Priests are meant to be the “Sons of God” and if they were to bone people, they would no longer be Sons, but Fathers. Little bit of a flawed logic there, considering you don’t just stop being a son when you become a father. My father is still my grandfather’s son, even though I’m my father’s son…Not quite sure who the fuck came up with that idea.

Also, is the Pope dying? That bloody nose scene coulda been another one of his trippy dreams, but it looked pretty real to me. Maybe all his powers come with some kinda price. Kinda like Eleven from Stranger Things.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Voiello is feigning loyalty to both Spencer and the Grim Reaper:70/30

Grim Reaper dies before he can become Pope:100/0

Lenny gets to meet his parents:80/20

Lenny and Sister Mary have boned:40/60

Let the Priests bone:100/0


Pope’s Gloves


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