From Lenny Belardo to Pope Pius XIII

Where the previous episode just touched on the maturation of Lenny, this episode was  a deep tissue massage, starting with Juana Fernandez (Alessia Giulia Trujillo Alva). This was a nice little foreshadowing for what was to come but just for Lenny to possibly accept someone else as a potential Saint was a step in the right direction. I’m not sure if this girl will come back, especially since she was sorta teased at the end of the last episode, but at any rate, it was a nice little tease.

Enter Elmore Coen (Andre Gregory), a Charles Bukowski-esque writer who delves into all types of debauchery. This conversation is a bit more lighthearted as Coen is an admirer of the Pope who realizes that they aren’t so different people. Where Coen sees the Church’s stance on no boning as restrictive and ghastly, the Pope sees it as a way to embrace people for who they really are, and appreciate each person as exactly that, a person. A super strange idea to hear from Lenny.

Now with Lenny a little more open, we see him go back to Spencer for help. And he does something we already saw with Dussolier and Sister Mary–tells him to forget his parents. More specifically, bury two empty coffins to symbolize his parents and move the fuck on. Wise idea there Spencer, really leaving nothing up to the imagination, love it. Change truly is in the air.

What really put the exclamation on this whole ordeal was Lenny’s speech in Africa. Something completely different than his original and usual shtick about mystery and fear. Love and peace. An absolute 180. What caused this? Dussolier’s death? Coen’s garden talk? Spencer’s suggestion? Probably an amalgamation of everything on top of the massive failure his Popedom has been. But it’s fucking awesome to see how much he has finally grown from how childish he truly was to finally starting to act like the Pope.

Spiritual Assassin

While Lenny has definitely changed after everything he’s been through, some things are a little harder to shake. Did he kill Sister Bad Breath (Milvia Marigliano)? I can’t imagine he directly prayed to God about killing Sister Antonia, that’s a little much. Maybe one of those Preacher mishaps where he says one thing and it’s actually taken another way. Either way, it has to have been something of Lenny’s doing. Esther’s baby is 100% Lenny’s doing, if he can make life, he can take life.

It’s not like she didn’t deserve it. Using water as currency like you’re fucking Immortan Joe isn’t the nicest thing to do, especially as a nun. Not to even mention that she is a hardcore lesbian, a huge no-no for Lenny Belardo. Whether that’s actually gonna be a problem under Pope Pius XIII, that remains to be seen. But still, she’s had enough time to hear the rumors about his harsh stance against homosexuals, you gotta keep your head on a swivel Sister Antonia.

New York Groove

It’s insane to think that pedophilia in a show about the Church has been swept under the rug for eight episodes, but it has finally reared its’ ugly head. And not in the way I saw it coming. Could Kurtwell know some dirt on Lenny that would cause him to resign? It’s a huge potential, but the bigger question still remains: did Lenny send Gutierrez to slow the process down to keep Kurtwell quiet? I’m not so certain this is something even Lenny would do. He’s been so against homosexuals that he can’t possibly be fine with pedophilia. That is completely backwards.

Then again, this is Lenny Belardo, hellbent on keeping his reign as Pope going for as long as he can. The sad thing is, now all of the sins we didn’t see our going to surface just as Lenny begins changing for the better. Do they drag him back down to Lenny Belardo status? Can he continue to be a loving and peaceful Pope? Is Kurtwell’s aim to even take him down? He could have easily brought up whatever dirt he has on Lenny well before he was in the running for the Pope.

Some tidbits for the road

Do I smell romance in the air? Sister Mary and Voiello seem to be getting awfully close recently. Longful gazing. Hand grazing. It’s getting hot and heavy very fast. Someone slow these two down before they start fucking in the streets. Oh wow, that’s a rough picture…

Why did Esther and Baby Pope leave the Vatican? Getting a little too creeped out by Lenny? Who can blame them. I think I’d be a little creeped out too if I were them. But it seems like it’s more than that. If her move to the Vatican was because she thought her faith would restore her fertility, bold move. But with her husband being a Fancy Pants Guard, I’d be surprised if we’ve seen the last of her.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Voiello and Sister Mary are gonna bone:50/50

Kurtwell has evidence that will cause Lenny to resign:30/70

Lenny killed Sister Antonia, indirectly:80/20

Lenny meets his parents:50/50

Protestors were at the Naples game:90/10


Pope’s Red Shoes


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