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S.1 E.5 Episode 5

A Duel for Her┬áSoul Well, not really. There had to be some kinda sabotage, voodoo, or other trickery involved in this one. Killing James woulda spelled doom with a capital d and killing Thorne would have just completely put Zilpha... Continue Reading →


S.1 E.4 Episode 4

Let's Make a Deal! Where there's a deal, there's James Delaney, whether we know it or not. Especially if it's involving the EITC and the Crown. Formerly, we were thought to believe that there would be some kinda Unholy Union... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.3 Episode 3

Stirring the Pot This episode is what this show needed. It had been a pretty good show up until this point but had┬ásome pretty cliche characters and worn out stories. But this episode really showed us the caliber of acting... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.2 Episode 2

I liked this episode. That's not to say I wasn't a fan of the first episode, because I really enjoy this show. But at first glance, this wasn't really one of those "contender" shows for me. It's tough for network... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.1 Episode 1

Guess who's back...? This is Tom Hardy's show. There's absolutely no debate there. I started watching this show because I heard he was in it. I will continue to watch this show because he is in it. And I will... Continue Reading →

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