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The Walking Dead

S.7 E.8 Hearts Still Beating

Watchers of the Wall If you didn't see Spencer at least attempting to defect to Negan's side, I don't know what show you're watching. I may be a bit tainted since I have now read almost every issue of The Walking... Continue Reading →


S.7 E. 7 Sing Me a Song

Whistle While You Work This may have been the first TWD episode in awhile where I wasn't compelled to punch a hole in my TV. Seriously, this show has been shambling it's way over a cliff, just to snag itself on... Continue Reading →

S.7 E.6 Swear

What the fuck is happening... I Swear (ya like that?) that TWD is trying to fuck itself over. The past few shows have been straight up NYC garabage. 100% garbage and a fucking half. And I'm not sure how familiar you folks... Continue Reading →

S.7 E.5 Go Getters

Dumpster Fire I'm not gonna sugar coat this puppy, it was fuckin boring. The highlights of this episode include two star-crossed lovers rollerskating down a broken down highway and our lord and savior roundhousing zombies. I know what you're thinking,... Continue Reading →

S.7 E.4 Service

Flat Soda I've had little to complain about this season. Granted, it's only 4 episodes in, but so far, it's been interesting. Negan has dropped trou, we've been introduced to Ezekiel and the Kingdom, and Rick and the Gang seem... Continue Reading →

S.7 E.3 The Cell

So in my past few blogs I've shit on shows for not featuring enough of their main cast. I did it to Westworld a few times and when they do it, it's a more than justified feeling. Excluding someone like Dolores... Continue Reading →

S.7 E.2 The Well

This isn't a declaration by any means, but I may be going towards Team Ezekiel at this point. Listen, I used to hate Carol. She was literally good for nothing in Season 1-3, maybe even 4. All she would do... Continue Reading →

S.7 E.1 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

For anyone wondering, I have seen Seasons 1-6 and I am currently about 3/4 of the way through the first The Walking Dead Compendium, which puts me right about when Michonne is done torturing The Governor. So my knowledge on the... Continue Reading →

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