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The Young Pope

S.1 E.8 Eighth Episode

From Lenny Belardo to Pope Pius XIII Where the previous episode just touched on the maturation of Lenny, this episode was  a deep tissue massage, starting with Juana Fernandez (Alessia Giulia Trujillo Alva). This was a nice little foreshadowing for... Continue Reading →


S.1 E.7 Seventh Episode

Not so Pope-ly All the pieces of this miraculous puzzle are finally starting to fall in place, starting with good ole' Moley Mole, Voiello. I don't think it's a huge surprise that Voiello had copies of the gropey photos. Now... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.6 Sixth Episode

"The times they are a-changing.." Big fucking things are happening in the Church. Big fucking things people. Old dudes are dying. Homosexuals are being ousted. Young priests-to-be are getting denied for being sexually active, which in my opinion, is a... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.5 Fifth Episode

Pope-tease In one swift episode, we go through a roller coaster of emotions, especially from Voiello. His plan was put perfectly in motion and could have easily started a massive scandal between Pope Copa'Feel and the not so innocent Esther,... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.4 Fourth Episode

The Virgin Esther FINALLY! We have a savior! Ahem, a savior of an episode. More on how I was wrong about this entire show later in the week, but this, by far, has been The Young Pope's strongest episode, all due... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.3 Third Episode

An Absolute Clusterfuck I'm really starting to think I'm either a.) batshit crazy b.) not smart enough to understand what's going on in this show or c.) this show really sucks. And although I may very well be a and... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.2 Second Episode

Give a Pope an inch... Things are starting to take a turn from ridiculous to just flat out excessive. I think we all knew Lenny was a bit full of himself, but a fucking kangaroo? Really, man? What the fuck... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.1 First Episode

Like most of you heathens, I know less than nothing about the Catholic Church. Aside from what Spotlight taught me about how the Vatican turned a blind-eye towards priests diddling little boys, my knowledge of the Papacy is rather limited. Then... Continue Reading →

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