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S.1 E.10 The Bicameral Mind

All's Well that Ends Well Welp,that's one way to wrap up a show... After 10 stellar episodes,¬†Westworld Season 1 has at last come to a close. Today is a new day, and like any day after a season finale, where... Continue Reading →


S.1 E.9 The Well Tempered Clavier

A Mindfuck and a Half This one really turned my brain inside out. For real. After a heavy weekend of eating and boozing, my mind was not nearly in the right frame to contend with this week's doozy of an... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.8 Trace Decay

Shirts v. Skins What are we thinking? If Maeve somehow gets out of Westworld, where does her storyline pick-up from there? You've got two very different settings with the park and the massive building that seems like its own world.... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.7 Trompe L’Oeil

What. Just. Happened. I'll tell ya what just happened, TDR was right, yet again! Seriously, doubting any of my Vegas Picks are a death sentence. Aside from removing 2 Vegas Picks last week, I have been crushing it in the... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.6 The Adversary

I'll be honest, this one had me split. Again, I get that you can't give all the screentime to one character or on the other end, fit every character into one episode, but excluding Billy, Logan, and Dolores from this... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.5 Contrapasso

I'm not even gonna say it because ya'll already know I'm not one to gloat, poke fun, or brag about when I get something right...Fuck it. I fuckin told you so!!! I said from the beginning, this is a fucking... Continue Reading →

S.1 E.4 Dissonance Theory

The Maze. The Maze. The fucking Maze. What in sweet fuck is this goddamn Maze?! Every time we hear about the Maze, everything I ever thought to be true goes right out the window. It is the Joker to my... Continue Reading →

S.1 Ep.3 The Stray

First post on schedule! Hold your applause til the end, it's been a bumpy ride but we're finally on track. Expect the rest of these posts to follow suit, as I aim to please, in some sense of the word.... Continue Reading →

S.1 Ep.2 Chestnut

Late. Again. I know. But we're just gonna forgive and forget. As you're all well aware, Ep.2 was released two days before it was supposed to air. While this put some pep in my step, it was a little concerning.... Continue Reading →

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