A Duel for Her Soul

Well, not really. There had to be some kinda sabotage, voodoo, or other trickery involved in this one. Killing James woulda spelled doom with a capital d and killing Thorne would have just completely put Zilpha out of James’ life, as he was already in testy waters with her. This just shows how important James and Nootka Sound is to, my guess, the EITC. A smart move that I nor Thorne saw coming. Poor guy just can’t catch a fucking break. A visibly shaken and defeated Thorne now has to trudge on home to his wife who is getting cucked by an English witch doctor. I did like that little touch of why he won’t tell Zilpha who won the duel, as he had to find out from other people that James and her were doing the dirty. Well played sir.

And as soon as we start to feel bad for Thorne, he goes apeshit on us. Even though it’s 1814, these are still times of ignorance where science has since been accepted. Claiming your wife has been possessed and trying to beat it out of her was still a very real thing. I wasn’t entirely sure if this was just his way at getting back at Zilpha or if he really did think she was possessed, but seeing the exorcism happen and Thorne’s reactions kinda sold it that he’s going nuts. Also, not too sure that was a Priest, maybe just a handsy old perv.

I think what really stood out here was seeing Zilpha call upon her mother(?) for voodoo help. Which begs the question; is Zilpha actually James’ true sister, and not his half-sister? It would explain their strong bond and why James has such a keen interest in her. I mean, aside from the incestual love that is, which we’ll get to later. Whatever the case may be, it looks like Thorne’s time is coming to an end soon at the hands of one of Horace Delaney’s children.

Industrial Revolution

Okay, so the saltpeter robbery was a smashing success. On top of getting all the saltpeter he needs to manufacture gunpowder for trade, it’s not possible for him to be blamed. This one was a bit strange but the saltpeter he stole was meant for the Crown and owned obviously by the EITC. Apparently, the Crown would be better of blaming the EITC for negligence, which I guess in 1814 can get you hanged(?). And considering the Crown would go after the EITC, James is pretty much free from persecution, somehow. A bit of a strange loophole, but bravo to James for knowing some nifty English law.

Now, with all this gunpowder to make, what is one to do? Why, get blackmailed into selling the U.S. of course! Looks like Dumbarton is up to his sneaky tricks and now knows where James has his manufacturing barn stashed as well as someone a bit more important. Another reason why you should always kill the spies that follow you. Of course, Dumbarton needs it in an unreasonable amount of time using an extremely dangerous method that Cholmondeley ALMOST refuses to agree on. However, blackmail is a fickle bitch and tends to make people do some very dangerous and stupid things.

Obviously, we’ve seen that James is a very resourceful man when it comes to intimidation/sending a message. Whether that be cutting off potential snitches’ thumbs and using it as a tool of persuasion or bribing a house of whores with diamonds. Either way, he seems to be quite adept, something I don’t think Carlsbad was aware of. As the leader of spies for the U.S. in London, it’s pretty much her job to know what the fuck is going on. Not knowing that James Delaney knows where you live is a major fuck up on Carlsbad part as well as a huge power move for James. It looks like Carlsbad is gonna have to step her game up.


I don’t think this is much of a shocker, but it would appear James Delaney is not very good with children, especially his own. Yes, James has a son that looks literally nothing like him, nor his presumptive mother, Zilpha. Is Zilpha the mother? That has to be a major factor in the rift between James and Zilpha, aside from the whole, ya know, incest. Or, this could be a child from a different woman, which is why Zilpha is so ticked at James, aside from the whole, ya know, incest. Either way, using your kid as an assistant to your gunpowder manufacturing business is a great way to introduce him to your life of crime. Keeping it in the family, an important trait in the Delaney household.

Sins of our Father

We finally get a better look at Horace Delaney and James’ mother. Not a real surprise that Horace was an asshole and slept around with a buncha woman. However, I think it’s a little rough to find out that James’ mom was a piece of the deal Horace got for Nootka Sound. And on top of that, when she wouldn’t behave like Horace expected her to, he had her committed to Bedlam Insane Asylum. Kinda a prick. More importantly, we find the Treaty for Nootka Sound, which will help James prove he is the legitimate owner(?). Not quite sure what this really means if he already owns it, but it’ll be interesting to see how it actually plays out.

Interestingly enough, now with the Crown and the EITC at each other’s throats, Solomon Coop has had to resort to some dastardly blackmail. Introducing, George Chichester, lawyer of the Sons of Africa. Chichester has been attempting to investigate the mysterious sinking of a particular ship named the Influence, carrying some illicit cargo in the ways of African slaves. Quite a bit in fact. However, his requests have been routinely denied. Well guess what George, it’s your lucky day! Coop allowing him to investigate the EITC for the destruction of the Influence should shed some much needed light on some of James’ hallucinations as well as throwing a wrench into the EITC’s plan. Good shit Coop.

Some tidbits for the road

I’m at a loss. What the fuck is going on with Winter? My previous week’s assumption was still that she was actually dead because nobody acknowledged her except for James. Now we see both Lorna and Atticus directly interacting with her! I still think there’s more to her than meets the eye, maybe she’s not dead, but she’s something more than just Helga’s daughter.

I think our lady-boy Godfrey might be in some deep shit soon. It looks like the pressure during the EITC meeting was starting to take its’ tole on him. I expect him to crack, maybe not to the point of fucking of James’ plans or ratting on him, but something isn’t right with him.

TDR’s 5 Vegas Picks

Winter is dead:50/50

Godfrey cracks:60/40

Zilpha kills Thorne with voodoo:70/30

Crow-lady is James’ mom:80/20

Priest wasn’t really a Priest:90/10


Steak and Ale


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